Be a Child Again

by Martin

(Photo Credit Enrico Strocchi)

(Photo Credit Enrico Strocchi)

Research has proven that children are more creative than adults. This has something to do with the brain wave patterns of a child but also to do with them not having learnt perceptions of how something ought to be.

They don’t think about what has happened in the past, they live for the moment and think about now. Rules do not exist, which often results in fresh, creative solutions.

Kids ask lots of questions; I think we have all
experienced the multiple “Why?” questions from a pre-school child. But kids also are always experimenting so that they can learn things for themselves. In a way they all act like scientists.

Thomas Edison was quoted saying “The greatest invention in the world is the mind of a child.”

So to conclude… Try and bring the child in you back out, ask questions, experiment, break down preconceived perceptions and form new relationships between things.

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