Best April Fools Pranks

By Martin Gilliard

Some of the best April fools pranks often come from some of worlds largest organisations for a joke and as a means to promote themselves...

Zero Gravity

In 1976 the British astronomer Patrick Moore played an Aprils fool joke on his radio station listeners by informing them that at exactly 9:47 a.m. the planets Jupiter and Pluto would align and this event would cause a momentary but noticeable blip in the earth’s gravity.

Patrick Moore requested that his listeners jump into the air at precisely 9:47 in order to fully experience the loss of gravity – he said that if they timed it correctly then he expected that they would feel as if they were floating for a short period of time. Many of his listeners fell for this prank assuming that they really were weightless for a brief moment in time!

(Photo Credit: Hamad AL-Mohannna)

Google's Best April Fools Pranks...

Google April fools pranks are usually pretty good.

For example take a look at GMail Blue - it's Gmail as you know it but it's blue!

Or the announcement on the Google Blog that youTube will be now closing down as it was simply a competition looking for the greatest video and that they now have enough videos! Are you a winner?

Google Tap a system to replace the 26 letter QWERTY keyboard with just 2 keys. All letters can be created from a combination of dots and dashes! A Morse code keyboard - sounds amazing.

And lets not forget one of Google's innovations Google Nose which claimed to enable you to search for smells similar to how you would search for web pages, videos, images, etc. Remember to get your nose close to the screen!

Google Nose

Photo Credit Google

Google also added a treasure option to Google maps to enable you to locate hidden treasures. Be careful to avoid the pirates!

Google hidden treasure maps

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Twitter Prank

Twitter are also joining in with the best april fools pranks too. Announcing that they are going to be re-branding as Twttr as going forward they will now be charging a premium fee for anyone wanting to use vowels.


In 2016 Santander tried to fool Londoners with their Santandems which were supposedly available for hire from the bike docking stations..



BMW are in on the action too with their stroller or as they prefer to call it the P.R.A.M (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile) designed with Royal babies in mind - it comes fitted with a a N.A.P.P.I.E (Nanny-Assisting Petrol-Powered Injection Engine).

BMW Pram / Stroller

Photo Credit BMW

Virgin Atlantic Prank

And I think this will be a favourite for many - Virgin Atlantic's new glass bottomed plane... Perfect for those flights over Niagara falls!

Virgin Glass bottomed plane

Photo Credit: Credit: Twitter/@VirginAtlantic


Back in 1965 on April fool’s day a professor tricked his television audience into sniffing their sets while he brewed coffee and sliced onions. He told them that he had invented smellovision and many believed him – some people phoned the television station to say how amazed they were with the new technology!


In 2009 Waitrose created an entirely new fruit for people to try!



Struggling to reach those items on the top shelf at Tesco? Then you might want to make use of the trampolines that Tesco suggested they were installing in stores back in 2015...

tesco trampoline

Daily Mail

The Daily Mail ran a story that said that a wildlife sanctuary in North Yorkshire had been training owls to deliver mail just like in the Harry Potter stories.

Taco Bell

On April Fool’s Day in 1996 Taco Bell informed people that it had purchased the Liberty Bell which they intended to rename to the Taco Liberty Bell. They claimed that from purchasing the bell they would be helping to reduce American national debt.

(Photo Credit: Chris Brown)

Burger King

In 1998 Burger King made the news with a clever April fools prank. They placed an advertisement in the USA Today newspaper informing people that they had a new burger on their menu, a left handed burger.

This burger contained all of the usual ingredients but the weight of the burger had been redistributed for left handed customers supposedly reducing the amount of spillage from the burger for left handed consumers.

Many people went into Burger King to specifically ask for the left handed burger.

(Photo Credit: kenjonbro)

And then in 2015 Burger King announced their flame grilled fragrance!!!

flame grilled fragrance

Clear Marmite!

In 2015 the makers of one of the nations favourite savoury spreads announced Marmite clear!!

clear marmite

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