Creative Force

By Martin Gilliard

Creative force is the in-built skill in all of us to come up with new creative ideas. It is the force that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It flows through all of us enabling us to keep coming up with new and better ways to do things.

Many people think that they are not creative and that creativity is only for the gifted or so called highly creative types such as artists or poets, etc.

For further information on more of these barriers that people put forward in an attempt to barricade their creative potential please see the page on barriers to creativity

creative force

It is true that some people have a tendency to be slightly more creative than others but that shouldn’t stop you and that doesn’t mean that you can’t go ahead and improve / nature your own creative genius. In fact there are many creative techniques that you can start using straight a way to assist you with new innovative ideas for your latest problem domain.

Set some time aside each day to think up creative ideas, let the ideas that you come up with be the driving force for other new ideas and make sure that you record all of your ideas down in some form of journal or notepad. 

The term creative force is no doubt coined due to the fact that it is an incredible force. It is a force that motivates, drives and energizes.

You will find that the time that you set aside for being creative flashes by in an instant. Why? There is nothing greater for the human mind than the creative process, being inventive and churning out new thoughts and ideas.

Almost anything that you can imagine and that also obeys the natural laws of physics can be created and it is this ability that we all have as humans that continues to drive progress.

This force takes on even more power and meaning when you are able to see your efforts implemented and in use / liked by the users of your innovation.

Unfortunately, while many of us do come up with creative ideas, few take the next step and drive the idea forward to completion. 

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