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By Martin Gilliard

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Life can be thought of as one big creative adventure – but kids seem to have the most creative adventure. They always seem to be re-inventing themselves, playing games where they pretend to be someone or something else. 

Kids love to experiment too, often they will find new ways to entertain themselves with an old toy and often by using the toy in a completely different manner to what was intended.

creativity for kids

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Kids seem to have an inherent drive to explore and solve problems. This creative instinct appears to wane a little as kids get to 4th grade and beyond.

I think this is probably due to the fact that we force more competition and evaluation into children’s lives. We watch over them, pressure them, over control them and force them to follow strict schedules. All of which acts as constraints and barriers to creativity. 

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Below is an excellent and humorous TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson entitled"Do schools kill creativity?". Sir Ken suggests that we are educating people out of their creative capacity and that teaching creativity should be as important as teaching literacy.

Below is another presentation by Sir Ken titled “Changing Paradigms” but this time with an excellent video based animation created by the RSA group to complement it. The talk centers around the theme of how do we make change happen in education and how do we make it last? 

Developing Creativity

Can you further develop the creativity in creative kids? Certainly - and one of the best ways to do so is to encourage and allow children to play, follow and work with whatever they are currently showing passion for.

Below is an excellent video with a nice twist and which emphasizes the importance of encouraging children in everything that they do...

Do you have any creative ideas or games that kids can play? Write about it here!

Do you have a story to share related to childrens creativity? A particular game that you play or an idea that you have to enhance creativity in kids?

If yes, then please share it with others that visit this site by writing about your story here and sharing it with the global community.

Creative Ideas And Games For Kids

Click on the links below to see some great creativity ideas and games for kids...

Nature Art 
Go on a nature walk with your children - collecting leaves, pine cones, twigs, etc. When you return home create some artwork using water paints and …

Lists Not rated yet
Walk round your house with your child creating lists. Make a list or draw pictures of things that make light. Do another list of things that make sound. …

Telling The Time Not rated yet
Create a clock using a paper plate for the clock face and cardboard for the hands. Decorate it with bright colors and then practice telling the time with …

Space Not rated yet
Go to your local library and read a story about space. Perhaps try Aliens in Underpants Save the World by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. While you're there …

Guess the Object by Feeling It Not rated yet
This is a game for 3+ year olds. Find a large bag that you cannot see through for example a pillow case. Next find a number of objects that are of …

Guess The Category Not rated yet
One player thinks of a category such as things that fly. This category must not be revealed to the other children. The player then names something …

The Alphabet Game Not rated yet
The alphabet game is popular game with many kids. It requires two or more players. Someone picks a theme such as famous celebrities or countries and then …

Magic Carpet Not rated yet
This game can be played with very young children. One and two year olds… Place your magic carpet (a blanket, sheet or duvet cover) on a tiled, wooden …

Word Rhyme Not rated yet
Think of a word that has some other words that rhyme with it. For example “fan”. Get each player in your group to name another word that rhymes with this …

Guess What I Am Thinking Of? Not rated yet
Think of something that your child is extremely familiar with e.g. a vehicle, an animal, a place, person or toy. Then give out clues so that your child …

Dance To The Beat Not rated yet
Put some music on with some rhythm and a beat. This could be anything from a waltz to your favourite dance or pop track. Hold your child’s hands and …

Tower Building Not rated yet
Toddlers love building towers out of building blocks or stacking cups and if they’re not able to build the tower themselves then they also love it if you …

Finish The Nursery Rhyme Not rated yet
A great game for 2 year olds is to finish the nursery rhyme. Sing part of the song to your child and then leave the last word or two out for them to sing …

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Products That Assist Creative Thinking In Kids

If you interested in products that are geared towards creativity for kids then you might want to read about the play doh creativity center

Sites That Assist Creative Thinking In Kids

Storm The Castle is a fantasy and creativity site that you may be interested in visiting - This site has all things medieval including projects on how to make video games, siege engines and other renaissance and medieval things.

Poisson Rouge is an excellent creative site that kids simply love. It contains many graphical puzzles and games, which are sometimes quite educational.

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