Creativity Styles

Creativity styles are thought to be part of who you are. Similar to ones eye color in that they cannot be changed suggests Charles Prather, in his book Blueprints for Innovation.

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Two Predominant Creativity Styles...

Adaptive problem solving. People who have this style are constantly looking for ways to improve the systems and processes that they work with on a day-to-day basis.

They look to make processes and systems cheaper, better, faster and more efficient. This particular style therefore quickly adds value to an organization. For this reason people who have this style are in high demand from organisations and tend to be well rewarded and appreciated for the changes that they introduce. People with this style are strong at producing incremental innovations.

creativity styles

Innovative problem solving. People who have this style fall more into the change agent category. They challenge and choose to change the system or systems that they are part of.

They avoid patching up or bettering existing systems and instead focus on completely replacing what is currently in existence. There strengths include new product creation, research and analysis and having an ability to anticipate unarticulated customer needs. Individuals with this kind of style would be more closely associated with radical innovations.

Blueprints for Innovation: How Creative Processes Can Make You and Your Company More Competitive

by Charles Prather

This easy read is a capsule describing how organizations can become more innovative. It contains many practical tips and techniques that will help you move to a higher level of innovation.

Blueprints for Innovation: How Creative Processes Can Make You and Your Company More Competitive

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