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By Martin Gilliard

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This page showcases some of the more important and defining inventions in history. Many of which have changed the world that we live in today for the better, some that we probably wonder how we ever managed to live without and some that have literally saved people’s lives.

Such significant contributions to the way we lead our lives all started with someone who had passion, drive and a burning desire to see an idea that they had come to fruition.

Cogs to represent famous inventions

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Over several million patents have been issued in the United States alone.

Of the millions of ideas that get submitted only a small percentage falls into what could be classified as radical innovation and an even smaller percentage are useful enough to be adopted by the masses.

Our road of invention discovery follows below...

The Radio

Guiseppe Marconi was responsible for the invention of the radio back in the 1890's. Back then he referred to it as wireless telegraphy.

A radio

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The Computer

Konrad Zuse is considered to be the inventor of the first electronic computer.

Charles Babbage was the first person to conceptualize and design a mechanical computer that was programmable back in 1837.

Charles Babbage's Difference Engine

Charles Babbage's Difference Engine (Photo Credit: Kevin Anderson)


Without the invention of electricity, we wouldn't have the power to use a computer, turn on a light, or keep the food in our refrigerator from spoiling. Electricity has been the driving force for many of today's modern inventions.


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The Steam Engine

Prior to the prolific use of electricity to power things we used steam for power. You can read about James Watt the steam engine inventor here.

steam engines

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Cable Television

The invention of cable television in the late 1940s has radically changed the way that the world communicated.

Not only did it provide a source for entertainment and news, it disseminated an ideal of a middle-class world that to many people, was just a dream; a depiction of normal life portrayed on the screen.

tv remote control

(Photo Credit: espensorvik)

Coca Cola

One of the most famous drinks in the world today. The invention of coca cola can be attributed to a struggling pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia named John S. Pemberton.

coca cola bottle

(Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn)

Video Games

Those of us who lived through the 1970's and 1980's will have seen massive improvements in video game technology and graphics as the years have advanced on. Read the invention of video games to find out more.

(Photo Credit: Trevor Pritchard)

The Hearing Aid

Hearing aids appear to have been available in some form or another almost forever. Read the inventor of the hearing aid to find out more including some of the contributors towards the modern day hearing aid.

(Photo Credit: Soichi Yokoyama)

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