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April Fools Ideas

Welcome to the free April Fools Ideas page.

April fool’s day falls on April 1st, is celebrated in many western countries and is basically a day where practical good humoured and funny jokes or hoaxes are both expected and tolerated.

april fools ideas

(Photo Credit: Bukowsky18)

In many countries, the jokes, pranks and hoaxes must be performed before 12 pm otherwise the Joker himself is said to be the April fool.

Please consider the safety of others when performing practical jokes and try not to take jokes too far. Practical jokes should not go so far as to physically or emotionally hurt anyone nor should they cause offence.


1. Offer to make a hot drink for your friend or family member. Then tie a piece of cotton around the mug handle and around your finger. IMPORTANT: Don’t actually put any hot drink in the mug. Pretend you have though, and as you go to give the hot drink accidentally slip and drop the cup towards your friend/victim. They will think that they are about to be doused in a hot drink when in fact there was nothing in the mug. The cotton will prevent the mug from smashing on the floor.

2. Call a friends friend on the telephone or call one of your friends but disguise your voice with a different accent. Explain that you are a DJ for a local radio station and that they have been volunteered to play the game “guess the money in the jar”. Tell them that if they guess within 100 of whatever the local currency is that they win all of the money in the jar. Whatever the person guesses tell them they are a winner and ask them what they intend to spend their winnings on.

3. Dip a straw in some hot sauce such as Tabasco. Place your thumb on the end of the straw to hold the contents in the straw while you transfer the straw and contents to a friend’s drink. When your friend takes her first sip from the straw they will get a mouthful of Tabasco.

4. Find a reasonably high denomination coin and use some glue to stick it to the pavement or sidewalk. Watch as people who walk by bend down to try and prize the coin free. This game can be played with other items of value, for example, you might have an old mobile phone that you can glue to the floor.

5. Give your friend a can or bottle of beer, soda or other fizzy beverage. Pre-shake the can before handing it to them. Make sure they’re not wearing their best clothes first.

6. Get hold of some pool or snooker chalk. Tell your friend that you can smell something funny on your hand and ask them if they too can smell it. As they bend forward to smell your hand – rub the chalk on to the end of their nose.

7. While sitting with friends pretend to sneeze into your hands use a raw oyster as the fake contents of your sneeze. If you like oysters then proceed to eat the oyster.

8. Hide one of your valued possessions somewhere in your friend’s house and then accuse them of stealing it.

9. Add some food colouring to the milk in your fridge. When your family members or housemates go to pour some they will have a colourful but harmless surprise.

10. Purchase a plastic plant and a plant pot. Place the plastic plant in the plant pot then bake a chocolate cake and use the cake instead of soil. When your guests arrive dip your hand into the plant pot and start eating.

More free April Fools prank ideas…

11. Swap some of the keys around on a co-workers keyboard. They will get locked out of applications when trying to enter their password.

12. Write a scary message using your finger on a friends bathroom mirror. When they take a shower and the bathroom steams up the message will display as soon as they get out.

13. Place some sex toys in a friends luggage before they leave for vacation.

14. Turn a coworkers screen upside down by pressing Ctrl, Alt and the down arrow key.

15. Put a note on the office photocopier machine saying that it is voice activated.

16. Unscrew the shower head in a friends bathroom add either gravy granules, stock cubes, Kool-Aid or food colouring.

17. Move all the clocks forward by an hour in a friend’s house while they sleep. They will wake an hour earlier / go to work /school, etc. too early.

18. The mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet existed. Many more technologies have since arisen that allow for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why therefore do we continue to use outdated technology? Introducing Gmail Motion – now Gmail can be controlled with your body… Get your friends to start using Gmail motion now!

April Fools Ideas Submitted By My Readers

by Cameron Heath

joke poo

(Photo Credit: Miss Jen)

Soak a toilet roll holder in water roll into a sausage shape then leave on the toilet seat it will look like poo on the seat!

by Ryan Bellsoe
(New York)


Take out all the deodorant in a friends deodorant bottle and switch it with butter wait till you see their face


toilet rules

(Photo Credit: Tony Alter)

Put plastic wrap on the toilet under the seat while the household members are sleeping, then they will have a splash when they use the bathroom!


Take a big box and place a small pin or any small thing which is not useful. Gift wrap it and give it to your friend and say that there is a very useful thing inside it. When your friend opens the box, APRIL FOOL!!

by Ariana
(La habra California )

nail varnish

Get soap from the bathroom and paint it with clear nail polish and when they use the soap it won’t work.

by Malisa

whoopee cushion

Photo Credit Sandra Fauconnier

Get a whoopee cushion and add some brown food colour in it and put somewhere that he or she might sit.

When he or she sits on the whoopee cushion brown food colour will come out and everyone will think when he or she sat down he or she farted and her poop came out.

by Gabrielle

shaving cream

I put shaving cream on my brothers face and when he wakes up he will have a dog on his face. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

by Selyna .T
(Riverside, MO)

seran wrap

(Photo Credit – Flickr: Eithne Darcy)

Put saran wrap (cling film for folks in Europe) on the door and when they walk into the room they will walk into the saran wrap.



Put a clear tape around the sink sprayer and make sure that when you turn on the sink it will spray water then after that ask the person you’re going to pull a prank on to get you a drink of water.

They will get a nice water spray surprise as soon as they turn the water on!

by Rachel


Get fake bugs (any bugs of your choice) when your friend comes to the place where you planted the bugs they will freak out.

by Tony N.
(United States)

Take some cardboard, get it wet and shape it like poop and put it on the floor near a cat or dog cage or put it on the toilet seat!!!

by Eskon Stevens
(Nairobi, Kenya)


(Photo Credit: Kate Dugas)

This will apply if you have a much younger brother or sister.

Sit them down and let them know you are about to have a serious talk with them. Tell them how over the years you have kept a huge secret from them and then proceed to tell them they are adopted.

This will obviously drive them crazy depending on how emotional your sibling is.

It would also be more effective if you and your sibling do not look alike. If you do though you can just convince then you are both adopted!

by Maylee
(United States)


Sugar or is it?

1) Get your ingredients. You will need the “victim” (of course), a bowl of strawberries, a soda, and salt.

2) Place a small bowl of strawberries and salt on a table near your “victim” and offer it to them. They will realize you have given them a delightful snack.

3) If you are lucky, they may eat it. When they do, they will realize it is salt and make a disgusted facial expression. You then act like you are panicking and get a soda from the fridge. Shake the full soda can and give it to them.

4) Enjoy!

by Sara

running shoe

1. Take all the right shoes of your victim and hide them in the house.

2. Watch as they go crazy trying to find their right shoes!

by Andrea

oreo cookies

Get some Oreos and twist them open. Lick all the white cream off. Get some toothpaste and put some toothpaste in between the two brown cookies. Offer these cookies to some friends and act normal. Once they taste the toothpaste then say APRIL FOOLS!

by Chizzy
(Woodstock, New York)


Send your love a break-up message and let it sound really bad saying stuff like: we will never see each other again etc etc.

by Anish Girish Advani
(Thane Maharashtra India)

motorbike accident

Put a bandage on any part of your body and then wait for a friend, teacher or anyone else to ask you what happened.

When they ask tell them that when you were heading home two motorbikes came fast towards you and you tried to run out of the way but couldn’t move quickly enough.

The motorbikes collided and one of the men on the bikes got angry and beat you and this is how you got hurt.

by Splash Cool, founder of Prank The Planet.
(Carlisle Pennsylvania USA)

coffee cup

Take a cardboard or plastic coffee cup with a lid that fits.

Cut out the inner two-thirds of the bottom so it doesn’t show on the outside.

Take some plastic wrap and rubber band it so it sags about an inch into the cup. Fill the plastic wrap with water.

TIGHTLY place the lid on the cup, take the rubber band off and clip off the excess plastic wrap.

Hand to a very forgiving friend, and when they take of the lid they get water all over!

by Zoe
(United States )

cracked phone

Go on your brother’s, sister’s, or Mom and Dad’s phone. Then download the application ‘crack’.

Next, take a screenshot of their wallpaper and put it in the app. Use the app to add a crack then switch that as their wallpaper.

Then send them a text and bring them their phone. As you’re doing this pretend to drop it then when they look at their phone it will have a crack on it!!!!!!!

by Polly Mcginnis
(USA, Maine)

brown shoes

Things you need: Tissue paper, tissues or anything like paper. (and a victim that owns a pair of shoes.) While they are not looking stuff the (tissues, paper etc.) in the back of their shoes. They will most likely think their shoes shrunk or their feet grew!!

by Arvika
(Noida, u.p. India)

blood tap

(Photo Credit: Will Richards)

Step 1- first of all, take out water from your water tank and store it somewhere and leave that much water only for whom you are making a fool.

Step 2- then mix red colour or red food colour in the tank

(warning: you have to bath first otherwise the prank will not work.)

Step 3- tell that person whom you are making a fool to bath

Step 4- now watch, how he/she will react

Then throw all the waste red water and then fill the water in the tank

Is that a very good idea????

If yes, then thnx

If no, then you’re the biggest fool in the world.

by Tami Dmyterko
(Boise, Idaho)

chocolate cake

I frosted a cereal box with chocolate cake frosting, are decorated it! watch them try to cut into the cake!!! Lol

by Ashley M

ice cubes

While one of your family members or friends are in the shower, get a bucket of cold water and ice and pour it all on them! Make sure you get out of there as quick as you can!

by Eva


Pour out all your toothpaste and then fill it with tomato sauce.

Say that your mum had bought a new one and then eventually the person that your doing it on will use tomato sauce as toothpaste!

Mouldy BREAD
by Awesome lady
(Portland m.e)

mouldy bread

Get a loaf of bread and put blue food colouring in the middle sides etc. Put the bread back in the case. Set it somewhere in the kitchen where the victim will find it.

by Cheryl
(Austin, Tx)

flat tyre

Call your neighbour and tell them they have a flat tire and then watch out the window as they go out to look.

by Eryn


Get a milk bottle (with milk still inside any amount).

Make sure the container is the clear plastic, so you can see inside. (anything but long life milk cartons).

Put yellow food colouring inside of the carton, shake. (Make sure to not put too much in, we don’t want bright yellow, like a pale yellow.)

Now use cheese or butter to create a chunky effect. Shake again. Now you have a carton of off milk.

Place back in the fridge, hide cameras and wait.

The reaction is priceless.

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