Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

By Martin Gilliard

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People generally didn't start dressing up in costumes for Halloween until the early twentieth-century, as it was around this time when Halloween became recognized as a holiday for children. 

Gone are the days when you could simply dress up as a ghost by placing a white sheet over your head with holes cut out for your eyes. The Halloween costume business is now big business and has been (at least in the US) since the 1950’s, with it also having a focus on adult costumes too from the 1970’s.

a wicked witch

Almost any character that you can imagine can now be purchased in costume stores from medieval or Renaissance type costumes all the way through to superheroes such as batman or superman type costumes. The list is endless.

Popular costumes with adults are often either sexy or anything in drag or the classics such as wolfman, Dracula, vampires and Frankenstein.

Perhaps rather than purchasing a costume from a store you're more interested in putting together your own creation?

Below are a number of ideas that you might want to try.


Purchase some toy snakes from your local store. Use pipe cleaners or twist ties to attach the snakes to your hair. Complete the outfit by dressing in a toga or bathrobe with sandals.

medusa costume

(Photo Credit: greyloch)


Find a striped pullover and some boots, wear black pants and took them into your boots, tie a bandanna around your head and add an eye patch made from black card with elastic. Make a cutlass out of silver card, wear a gold earring and for that special touch try and purchase or make a plastic parrot and fasten the parrot to your shoulder.

pirate costume

(Photo Credit: Paul Townsend)


Search your friends, parents or local charity clothing stores for a flowery Hawaiian type shirt, where some Bermuda shorts, sunglasses and hang a camera around your neck. Complete the outfit with a silly hat.

tourist costume

(Photo Credit: richtpt)


Use a combination of silver spray painted cardboard boxes and aluminum foil to create a robot outfit. Stick wires to the boxes for added effect. Use a small silver painted box or paper bag with eye holes cut out for your head. Use empty plastic food cartons and / or buttons to create control panels.

robot costume

(Photo Credit: Ben Husmann)

Cell Phone

Purchase a plain black cooking apron. Cut out white square pieces of card approximately 10cm by 10cm. On each card, using a black marker pen, recreate the numbers on a typical cell phone. Use safety pins to fasten the numbers to the apron. 

cell phone costume

(Photo Credit: Phoenix Comicon)

Indiana Jones

All you need is a brown leather jacket, a pair of chinos, a white shirt, a whip an old lamp, a hat and a satchel and you have a good looking Indiana Jones outfit!

(Photo Credit: Kevin Harber)

Sea Anemone with Clownfish (Nemo)

Lots and lots of pink balloons and a cuddly finding Nemo toy and you have yourself a great looking Sea Anemone with Clownfish!

(Photo Credit: Stella Hwang)


Some old clothes, ketchup or red paint and some carefully prepared makeup and you can create that perfect zombie look!

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