Handle Inflates Umbrella

Inflatable Umbrella

Inflatable Umbrella

Here’s an interesting idea for an everyday item. Umbrellas have been around for thousands of years. In modern times they are usually collapsible so that they can be fit into a handbag or satchel and then brought out quickly just as a downpour begins to start.

With this inventive change to an umbrella, you'd be well prepared for doubtful whether. The idea is for a collapsible umbrella that is even more potable than a traditional umbrella.

In its portable state its small enough to fit into a pocket. To use it, you’d pull the pleated, plastic canopy out of its case, slip the case onto a plunger, and work the plunger to pump air between the canopy seams. Telescoping joints would extend the handle.

Perhaps the design could be further extended so that it could double as a pump for everyday use – say to add air to your car tyres or to inflate a portable dinghy or football for the kids.

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