Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the homemade boyfriend gift ideas section of the web site.

Ok so let me start with what I guess are some obvious assumptions.

1) By arriving at this site you have a boyfriend that you care about.

2) Christmas or your boyfriends Birthday is fast approaching or you’ve decided to make your boyfriend a gift to show him how much you care for him.

3) You’re short of cash or you’re just trying to be careful with your money.

If I have the above correct then you’ve come to the right place. Now on with the ideas…

Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas…

Bat Man Outfit

If he’s into superheroes then consider making a batman outfit – make one for yourself too perhaps a Robin outfit or a cat woman. That way you can act out his favourite batman scene together!

homemade batman outfit

(Photo Credit: Holly Leighanne)

Cream Topped Cookies

If he has a sweet tooth then you might like to make him some cream topped cookies.

cream topped cookies

(Photo Credit: Holly Leighanne)

Cup Cakes

If you're good at baking then perhaps you could also make him some decorated cup-cakes. Few can resist a good cup cake.

cup cakes

(Photo Credit: Jen Ward)

Paint a Portrait

If you have artistic talent then a great idea would be to paint a self-portrait, frame it and give it to him as a gift. Or perhaps your boyfriend would prefer a painting of himself – use photographs that you have of him for ideas.

a self portrait

(Portrait Credit: siderevs)

A Photograph of the Beautiful Outdoors

Is your boyfriend an outdoors person who loves some of the natural beauty that our planet as to offer. Do you have decent photography skills? If so match the two and take a photo of a favourite outdoors scene, frame it and present it to him as your gift.

(Photo Credit: gino sta.maria)

A Hand Knitted Scarf

Can you knit? If so a hand knitted scarf is an ideal gift either as a fashion accessory or as a means to keep warm when the weather is not so great.

hand knitted scarf

(Photo Credit: Breibeest)

Do you have an homemade boyfriend gift idea?
Write about it here!

I’d like this page to also be about your homemade boyfriend gift ideas.

If you've made a gift for your boyfriend which he really appreciated then why not share it with the other readers of this web site.

Please include pictures of your homemade gift idea if possible...

Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Click on the links below to see or comment on some of the ideas previously submitted. You can use the comments section to give your rating and feedback of an idea or to add and improve upon an idea...

Make a Video Not rated yet
Shoot a video with all his friends sharing how much they love him, their best memory with him, and their wishes. All you need is a camera and an editing …

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Good luck with your efforts. I hope he likes your finished product.

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