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A warm welcome to innovation articles. Here you will find a full collection of free articles related to innovations and inventions.

I have divided this page into two...

In the first section there are full-text, peer-reviewed articles from leading authors and academics on the subject of innovation.

In the second section I have included a set of lighter articles that were published pre 1964 on the subject of invention. Although the second section contains some articles that are 50+ years old many are still extremely enlightening and still have much relevance to today's modern world.

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1. Full Text, Peer Reviewed Innovation Articles

The Innovation Manager And His Position In The Company

The Innovation Manager And His Position In The Company by KATEŘINA HRAZDILOVÁ BOČKOVÁ

Innovation Policy Development And The Emergence of New Innovation Paradigms

"Innovation policy design has to be based on a double principle, namely, the existence of real problems hindering innovativeness of an economy, and the ability of public agents to proactively solve or mitigate them."

Innovation Policy Development and the Emergence of New Innovation Paradigms by: Stoyan Tanev, Mette Præst Knudsen, Tanja Bisgaard, and Merethe Stjerne Thomsen

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Grassroots Innovation from the Bottom of the Pyramid

Grassroots innovation is defined as innovative product or process created at the bottom of the pyramid, usually due to necessity, hardship and challenges.

This article seek to understand and examine how grassroots innovation creates productive employment. This article briefly explain the role of Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia, a government agency setup to nurture and support scientific innovation, in discovering innovative process and product at grassroots’ level.

Grassroots Innovation from the Bottom of the Pyramid by Mohd Faiz Hilmi Universiti Sains, Malaysia

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Innovation Process from the Perspective of Measurement

Innovation process is a crucial activity in the innovation implementation of an organization. It is the heart in managing the whole process innovation management. Numerous studies have been conducted and this indirectly established reliable measurement for innovation research.

In simple terms, innovation process would describe the ‘how’ innovation is undertaken into organization which involved the management, employees and also collaboration between organization with suppliers and customers.

Some may refer it as process, activities, phases, stages, creative circle, cyclic, or technical progress. Nevertheless, it is indeed strategic and highly integrated process. Due to the complexity, researcher is required to determine suitable measurement. Previous studies have produced various measures which is independent and complex. Therefore, in order to confront with this issue, innovation process requires a balance set of innovation metrics. These metrics would assist research process turn out to be systematic.

This innovation article has proposed two kinds of measurements: objective and subjective innovation process measures. The objectives measures establish result oriented style while subjective measures refer to the how to manage each process in innovation. Some reviews on innovation process definitions, characteristics and activities are presented so that it would be easy for management, practitioners as well as academicians to tailor with their innovation management and research objective. 

Innovation Process from the Perspective of Measurement by Suriati Zainal Abidin, Sany Sanuri Bin Mokhtar, and Rushami Zien bin Yusoff

2. Inventing and Ideas Articles

Improve your career and make extra cash by submitting some ideas to your companies suggestion box: 20,000,000 Bucks in the suggestion box 

Sell it outright? Market it yourself? How? Here's down-to-earth advice on putting your brainchild into orbit: How to Cash In On Your Invention 
New made materials, ready-made for the inventor, can start those royalty dollars flowing in: Now - Inventing Is Easier Than Ever! 

So you have now turned your idea into an invention. What next? This interesting article from the 60’s suggests ways to market your invention…Straight talk - Part 1: So you’ve invented something… Now what? 

Here is the second article on the profits and pitfalls of inventing. Sure you can sell a new idea if it is good (see part one above) – but what makes it good? The mystery is stripped away when you examine the rules professionals use to single out what to invent. You can use them too, to make your inventions bring in money… Straight Talk - Part 2: What Should You Invent? 

Want to boost your output of good ideas? Then read the following article on: idea generation 

An interesting article first published in September 1961 Why Inventing Is Still A One Man Job that argues that the best innovations come from the efforts of one lone individual.

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