Innovation At Work

By Martin Gilliard

Being instrumental in pushing forward innovation at work is almost certain to fast track your career. Innovation drives that competitive edge that most organisations are focussed on.

Innovation at the workplace needs to start with an idea and you will be pleased to hear that anyone can be creative – it’s not a skill that is restricted to so called creative types.

In fact there are many creativity techniques that can assist with the process of generating ideas.

innovation at work

Keep some form of journal such as a pocket book or use your smartphone if you have one to start recording all the ideas that you have and make sure that you record all the ideas that you have, even the ones that at first might seem ridiculous even to yourself. Also start to schedule a few minutes of every day just for idea generating time.

Being creative and implementing value creating ideas helps the business that you are employed at invent the future and creating the future is far more productive, energizing and motivating than being stuck with the past.

Innovation at work though does require much more though than being creative and putting an idea into action. In a working environment you have other people to take into consideration. For your idea to become a reality you may need to get many more people onboard and enthusiastic about it in order for it to succeed. You need to manage the innovation process i.e. see a great idea through to successful fruition.

When thinking of innovation in the working environment don't restrict yourself to thinking only of big game-changing type innovations. You can be innovative in almost every area and aspect of the job you do regardless of the size.

Consider the following:

  • Products, processes and ideas from other team members that have never been considered or acted upon.
  • Complaints that you may receive, why are these people complaining, what could be done to improve their experiences in the future? Do some data driven analysis.
  • What do you like about your job?
  • What don't you like?
  • What takes too long to complete?
  • Where is there waste?
  • Which processes have too many steps?
  • Are there any areas at your work that often result in conflicts between staff members?
  • What new projects are on the company's agenda?
  • What problems are people facing?
  • Considering such areas as the examples given above can often lead you to areas of improvement.

Use your inbuilt creative force to drive forward innovative solutions to these areas.

You may also want to read about some of the worlds most innovative companies. Understanding what makes them so innovative may lead to ideas you can apply within your own organisation.

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