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By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the innovation books 2012 section of the web site featuring a collection of the best, most interesting and fascinating books that were published in 2012 on the subject of innovation.

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September 2012

On Innovation by Terry Jones

on innovation book by Terry Jones

Book Description

Every business needs to innovate, but few know where to start. ON Innovation, gives leaders seventy-two simple but powerful ideas they can use to create a more innovative organization.

Drawing from his experience as founder and CEO at and from the ten other startups where he’s worked, Jones helps readers turn innovation from an academic exercise into an everyday skill.

The stories from his career and personal experiences provide well-chosen real world illustrations of how challenging, and ultimately rewarding, it can be to gather a team and establish a culture that is open to change and is committed to innovation as the way to do business.

The short chapters seem to be perfectly tailored to today’s time crunched business leaders. It’s easy to envision readers doing what’s advised in “How To Read This Book”: opening it to a random chapter when they’re facing a challenge and drawing inspiration from wherever then land.

ON Innovation

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