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I like playing music...I began playing music on the piano when I was twelve years old. I was lucky enough to take lessons with a Grand Musician who


An Extra Set of Windshield Wipers

An extra set of windshield wipers on the inside of a car. Fog, mist or condensation that forms there could easily be wiped off. This would help prevent

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1- Never existing such program in Ghana. 2- Very virgin country and promising fast-growing generation. 3- Standard Democracy and lawful performing. 4-

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Because everyone in the world uses cell phones these days.

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Entrepreneur Definition

Includes an entrepreneur definition, and additionally a breakdown of what entrepreneur means and what an entrepreneur does...

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Wishes For The New Project

Before embarking on a new innovative idea make sure you list everyone's wishes for the new project.

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The 1968 Olympic Gold winner in the high-jump - Dick Fosbury

The 1968 Olympic high-jump innovation of Dick Fosbury revolutionized this particular event. It may be a relatively minor example but, nevertheless, it

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How To Get Sweet Revenge!

I've never done this but it will work. Step 1.Tell your target to go get food,drinks,ETC. or anything to get them out of the house for a while. Step

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World Wide Web / Internet (1989)

it was important mainly because it helped people to get the information they needed much easier and also connect with each other despite the distance

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Cheap Creative Christmas Gifts

Save some money this Christmas with a selection of cheap creative Christmas gifts!

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Creativity Styles

Creativity styles are thought to be part of who you are. Similar to ones eye color in that they cannot be changed.

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Sometimes taking a break and listening to music and having a solo dance party helps me.

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Imitation Strategy

In some cases an imitation strategy can almost be as effective as an innovation strategy. Copying someone else's idea by building your own version of it is quite often good business.

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New Innovations

A page dedicated to showcasing any new innovations that I stumble upon while undertaking research for the innovation-creativity website

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Camera That Can See Around Corners

A new innovation for 2014 is a camera that can see around corners. Prototype being developed is expected to be able to recognise letters.

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Innovation Process from the Perspective of Measurement

Innovation Process from the Perspective of Measurement - journal article: Innovation process is a crucial activity in the innovation implementation of an organization.

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Innovation And Risk Taking

Innovation and risk taking - Good leaders need to focus on innovation to keep ahead of the game but also they need to weigh up associated risks.

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Grassroots Innovation

Grassroots innovation is defined as innovative product or process created at the bottom of the pyramid, usually due to necessity, hardship and challenges. An article by Mohd Faiz Hilmi

Continue reading "Grassroots Innovation"

The light bulb,

Or the electric light,

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Walk round your house with your child creating lists. Make a list or draw pictures of things that make light. Do another list of things that make sound.

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Telling The Time

Create a clock using a paper plate for the clock face and cardboard for the hands. Decorate it with bright colors and then practice telling the time with

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Technology and Businesses demands change all the time in South Africa. We need to keep abreast with all new technology and processes. We need a place where

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Innovation Books 2001

Innovation books 2001 features a collection of the best, most interesting and fascinating books that were published in 2001 on the subject of innovation.

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Constant Innovation

Stay ahead of the game with constant innovation. Implementing new ideas keeps your customers engaged and your competitors lagging.

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Inventor Of The Hearing Aid

There are several speculations as to who the original inventor of the hearing aid was. So who did actually invent it?..

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Inventor Howe

Elias Howe Jr. or inventor Howe as he is also known was the pioneer of the sewing machine.

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Managing Creativity

Managing creativity is key to competitive advantage because the successful generation and exploitation of ideas is essential for sustained success in the marketplace.

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How To Judge Creativity

How to judge creativity -

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Make a Video

Shoot a video with all his friends sharing how much they love him, their best memory with him, and their wishes. All you need is a camera and an editing

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Creative Team

Being a manager of a creative team requires you to have excellent listening skills, respect of your team members and an openness to new ideas.

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