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Welcome to the innovation creativity questions and answer page. This page is designed so that anyone can ask or answer questions related to innovation or creativity.

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innovation and creativity questions and answers

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It might be some problem you have come across at work, school, college or university or perhaps something that you have recently read and don’t quite understand or maybe it’s just some random thought that has got you thinking...

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Innovation Creativity Q&A

A warm welcome to the Inovation - Creativity Q&A: A place where you can ask and answers questions related to Innovation or Creativity.

Previously Submitted Innovation Creativity Questions & Answers

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Change Model 
Use any change model to support the implementation of creative and innovative management ideas in the chosen organization

Types Of Innovation 
What are the different types of innovation?

Innovation and Creativity 
What is the difference between creativity and innovation?

Creative and Innovative management 
Assess the influence of vision and mission on generation of creative and innovative management processes in an organization?

Technology & Innovation 
How can companies use technology to enhance their innovation and creativity?

Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship  
Innovation and creativity are the heart of entrepreneurship development. How can you discuss this statement and strategies that can be used to enhance …

Thinking Power 
How can I improve my thinking power?

What do you mean by corporate creativity? Not rated yet
What do you mean by corporate creativity?

Facilitate Innovation And Creativity. Not rated yet
Analyse how organisations can facilitate innovation and creativity.

Research question in Innovation Not rated yet
hey, I have a problem to formulate/and find a interesting research question to write about. We have a case study to do. I would like to investigate …

Continuous Improvement and Innovation - same or different? Not rated yet
Please tell me your opinion on the Continuous Improvement Process as compared to the Innovation Process. Are they synonyms for the same process or …

Humbly Innovative Experiences Not rated yet
I'm looking for examples of innovative experiences in people's regular lives. Maybe something they have done at their job, school, church, sports …

Innovative Teams Not rated yet
What are the characteristics of innovative teams?

Innovation Types Not rated yet
Describe all the four types of innovation. Give four good examples with detail explanation in term of what, why and how? Thanks for your question... …

Challenging situations Not rated yet
Describe a situation where you came up with a creative / innovative solution to a challenging situation?

Organisational Characteristics Not rated yet
What organisational characteristics are likely to enhance innovation?

Innovation and Wealth Not rated yet
How do entreprenuers use creativity and innovation to add to their wealth, power and prestige?

Creative Energy Flowing From A Source Not rated yet
Hey guys On the page Creativity Symbol there is a section showing symbols for creativity. There is one symbol I like and that is the fountain …

Creative Approach To Achieving An Objective Not rated yet
Describe a time when you were asked to do something differently, or use a unique approach to help achieve an objective.

Innovation Process Not rated yet
Why innovation is critical in ensuring the survival of your organization?

Creative / Innovative Solution To A Challenging Situation Not rated yet
Describe a situation where you came up with a creative / innovative solution to a challenging situation.

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