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By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the innovation lecture notes section of the web site.

I got hooked on innovation whilst undertaking my MBA and I'm guessing that’s in part to do with a great lecturer and great lecture notes.

If you're looking for actual innovation lecture notes that you can take away and use then this page is most likely not what you're looking for - it will however act as a guideline for items that you might want to consider including in an innovation lecture.

innovation lecture hall

Your lecture should start with a book list in the form of a hand-out. List all the books that inspired you as you developed your knowledge for innovation.

I also think it's important to accompany lectures with a set of printed journal articles or web links to further material that the student should reference.

Then you should consider teaching your student some of the following things…

Understand exactly what innovation is and how it differs from creativity. See a definition of innovation and also a definition of creativity.

You should then provide your students with some information on the different types of innovation with some emphasis on the difference between incremental  and  radical innovations.

A successful innovation must meet four criteria: It must be 1) important, 2) unique, 3) sustainable and 4) marketable

It is key for your students to understand the why's of innovation - why it so important to innovate to remain competitive and stay ahead of the game.

You may also want to discuss some of the barriers to innovation and in the general process of innovation.

It is also important to demonstrate how an innovation spreads across a social network in terms of people adopting or accepting the innovation for information on that please refer to diffusion of innovation and for further details you can explain how the natural rate of adoption follows an 'S' curve for details see adoption curve or diffusion curve.

Finally you may want to share some examples of companies who are particularly good at innovation.

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