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By Martin Gilliard

Welcome to the innovative company section of the web site.

This page showcases various companies who have a reputation for being strong at innovation.

innovative company - 3m

To start you may like to read about innovation at 3M who have had over a 100 year history of innovations and who are famous for such innovative products as scotch guard and post-it notes.

Innovative company

hewlett packard

Another innovative and interesting company is Hewlett Packard who prides themselves on their innovative culture. They created the first pocket sized calculator, have numerous chemical analytical device instrumentations, medical innovations and let’s not forget their many printing innovations.


A more recent company is the Taiwanese company HTC who specialize in the mobile device market and who have had tremendous growth in this area due to their innovation. They were responsible for manufacturing the first ever Google phone.

HTC’s mission statement is “to become the leading innovative supplier of mobile information and communication devices by providing value-added design, world-class manufacturing and logistic and service capabilities.”


And then lets not forget the favorite of many, Apple. A company who over the years have created super cool, well designed innovative products that simply everyone seems to want.

Go into a crowded room and ask people to raise their arm if they own an apple product - it is suggested that if you did such a thing that over 80% of the room would be able to raise their arm.

Apple Innovations seem to just keep on coming and they also seem to keep on delighting the population at large. This particular article looks at apple innovations in terms of revenue streams.

I intend to add more to this page over time; in the meantime you might want to share some innovative qualities of a company or companies that you are familiar with? If so please see below, all contributions are greatly welcomed.

Are you aware of a company strong on innovation?

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