Invention Of Coca Cola

By Martin Gilliard

The invention of coca cola can be attributed to a struggling pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia named John S. Pemberton; he concocted the first batch coca cola syrup back in May 1886 in a three-legged iron pot in his back yard.

Two of the ingredients for coca cola at the time were dried coca leaves of a South American shrub, and cola, an extract of the kola nut.

coca cola

Pemberton’s friend a bookkeeper named Frank M. Robinson named the drink by using a combination of these two ingredients, i.e. coca cola. He also created the flowing design that is still in use today.

old coca cola advertisement

Coke is simply a nickname for coca cola and this nickname was created by the beverages customers who insisted on using this shortened version. The coca cola company created advertisements to try and get people to use the full name for coca cola as the nickname coke was encouraging substitute products.

Eventually via a Supreme Court decision in 1920 the coca cola company were able to get the nickname ‘coke’ also registered as a trademark.

The curved, fluted bottle originated round the 1920’s and is almost as famous as the trademarked names.

Coca cola was first sold to the public from a soda fountain in Jacon’s Pahrmacy in Atlanta on May 8th 1886. The syrup that Pemberton created was mixed with carbonated water and sold for five cents a glass.

In 1888 Asa Candler acquired the formula and patents from Pemberton and his partners in order to gain full control of the beverage.

The Spencerian coca cola script wasn’t registered with the U.S. patent office until 1893.

Back in 1886 approximately 9 drinks a day were being sold in more recent time the coca cola company sell close to 2 billion drinks across two hundred countries around the world.

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