Invention Of The Radio

By Martin Gilliard

Invention of the radio occurred early in the twentieth century and if you are wondering which inventor invented the radio it was Guiseppe Marconi. Back in the 1890’s he referred to radio as wireless telegraphy.

Because at the time this innovation was so radical in its nature Marconi could only see commercial opportunity for his invention in terms of ship-to-shore Morse code communication.

invention of the radio

(Photo Credit: João Paulo Corrêa de Carvalho)

Through this avenue Marconi was able to launch a successful business which ultimately accredited him with saving many thousands of lives at sea, including seven hundred that survived the Titanic disaster of 1912.

The true commercial potential in terms of music being transmitted via radio didn't occur until 1922.

From this point onwards the opportunities for radio got greater and greater with it eventually becoming a mainstream broadcasting medium for sharing news and entertainment with the public at large. 

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