Kit Fits Saw To Hammer.

Claw - Saw - Hammer - multi-tool

Claw - Saw - Hammer - multi-tool

Here we have an early idea for a multipurpose tool – first published in April 1963.

These days our local do it yourself stores are packed full of many, varied, multi-purpose tools…

You could do a lot less interchanging of tools if you had this clever idea for a multi purpose kit for handyman job.

This kit incorporates three in one, a saw, a claw and a hammer and all support each other. Any one of them can be used without any changes or modifications to the setup of the multipurpose tool.

It also came with an idea for reversing the tool so that you could place chuck matched drills and screwdrivers in the handle.

Ideas like this are great for getting the creative juices flowing. What two or three everyday things could you combine to create a multipurpose device?

What about a throw-away toothbrush which comes complete with enough toothpaste for twenty or thirty brushes? Push a button at the far end to apply a perfect pea sized amount of toothpaste to the brush head.

List some everyday items that you use regularly and start combining.

Good luck

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