New Product Ideas From April 1961

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the new product ideas from April 1961 page. On this page are a list of ideas for new products that were put forward by people back in 1961.

Perhaps there is something here that sparks your imagination? Maybe you too can come up with a fantastic, new idea for a product. If so, and if it's something that you would like to share with the rest of the world then please do so by visiting my creative ideas page where you will find a form for submitting your creative ideas.

Please note that as these ideas were from 1961 some of them may now be in common use today or simply irrelevant due to them being related to an old fashioned product or concept.

V-Shaped Expansion Joints

V-shaped expansion joints in railroad tracks would eliminate the familiar and annoying clickety-clack of trains riding the rails. - Warner Walker, Exeter, California.

V-Shaped Expansion Joints

Safer Drill Press

Safer drill press with an on-off switch actuated by the chuck key. There would be an auxiliary push-button for fast emergency stops. - PFC J.E.Kaphusman, Dundalk, Md.

Safer Drill Press

Miniature Air Hammer

Miniature air hammer the shape and size of a drill. It would be useful in tight or hard to get at places where a regular hammer won't reach. - H.M.Gilbert, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Miniature Air Hammer

Clamshell Cases

Clamshell cases for tape recorders. With a mike fastened with a clip at the center, the open lid would become a parabolic sound reflector. - Walter Shelton, Amarillo, Texas.

clamshell case

Pull Out Nozzles

Pull out nozzles on cars so you could pour gas into the tank more easily. Often a fender gets in the way of pouring from an ordinary can. - Dean E. Harding, Guilderland, New York.

pull out nozzles

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