New Product Ideas From June 1961

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the new product ideas from June 1961 page. On this page are a list of ideas for new products that were put forward by people back in 1961.

Perhaps there is something here that sparks your imagination? Maybe you too can come up with a fantastic, new idea for a product. If so, and if it's something that you would like to share with the rest of the world then please do so by visiting my creative ideas page where you will find a form for submitting your creative ideas.

Please note that as these ideas were from 1961 some of them may now be in common use today or simply irrelevant due to them being related to an old fashioned product or concept.

Measuring Decals For Fishermen

Measuring decals for fishermen. With a ruler on your tackle box or the gunwale of your boat, you;d never have to guess about the length of a fish. - Ken Mueller, Eugene, Ore.

Measuring Decals For Fishermen

A Doorbell Plate

A doorbell plate that could be installed at the bottom of a service door. Tapping the plate with the toe of your shoe would ring the bell for you. - Paul Patete, Canton, Ohio.

doorbell plate

A Mud Flap

A mud flap reaching from one rear wheel to the other on station wagons would eliminate the dust and dirt that collects on the rear window. - James St. George, Shelburne, Vt.

mud flap

Squared-Off Motor-Oil Cans

Squared-off motor-oil cans so you could salvage them for your shop or garage. With one side cut away, they would make fine drawers for small parts. - N.D.Stowell, Wichita, Kan.

squared off motor oil can

Bottles Of Oxygen

Bottles of oxygen you could team up with a propane torch for metal cutting or for welding jobs. Both hobbyists and home owners would benefit. - Joseph E. Blaze, Alliance, Ohio.

bottle of oxygen

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