New Product Ideas From October 1961

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the new product ideas from October 1961 page. On this page are a list of ideas for new products that were put forward by people back in 1961.

Perhaps there is something here that sparks your imagination? Maybe you too can come up with a fantastic, new idea for a product. If so, and if it's something that you would like to share with the rest of the world then please do so by visiting my creative ideas page where you will find a form for submitting your creative ideas.

Please note that as these ideas were from 1961 some of them may now be in common use today or simply irrelevant due to them being related to an old fashioned product or concept.

A Fruit Pickers Bag

A fruit pickers bag or basket with a sleeve-like extension. Just drop the apples or other fruit down into the chute clipped to your arm. - Louis Burzdak, Los Angeles.

fruit pickers bag

Tamperproof Gas Tanks

Tamperproof gas tanks with a screen guard in the inlet pipe, set low enough to insert the fuel hose, but too high for a thief to siphon of the gas. - Tom Whipps, Columbus, Ohio.

tamperproof gas tank

Pistol Grip Handles

Pistol grip handles on the burners of propane torches. A trigger valve would control the flame. Then long jobs would be easier on your hand. - Andrew Vena, Philadelphia.

pistol grip handle

Mattress Flippers

Mattress flippers built into beds. Few women wrestling with a mattress for a double bed succeed in turning it over without calling for help - H.J.Graw, Brooklyn, New York.

mattress flipper

Built In Storage

Built in storage in automatic washers to house soap box and bleach bottle. There must be some extra space under that glossy housing. - Elena Echavarria, Medellin, Colombia.

Built in storage

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