New Product Ideas From March 1961

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the new product ideas from March 1961 page. On this page are a list of ideas for new products that were put forward by people back in 1961.

Perhaps there is something here that sparks your imagination? Maybe you too can come up with a fantastic, new idea for a product. If so, and if it's something that you would like to share with the rest of the world then please do so by visiting my creative ideas page where you will find a form for submitting your creative ideas.

Please note that as these ideas were from 1961 some of them may now be in common use today or simply irrelevant due to them being related to an old fashioned product or concept.

Catch Bank Robbers With A Push Button Floor Trap

Here's a great idea for trapping bank robbers. while they are stood at the bank tellers counter simply press a push button and the robber will drop into a cell beneath the floor where he would be held securely until the police arrive. - Dan Stallings, Van, Texas.

push button trap floor

Pick The Spot LP Records

With this idea for pick the spot LP records you could guide the needle to a particular piece of music. Why not white intercal spaces between the recorded bands? - Cy Groves, Calgary, Canada.

Pick The Spot LP Records

A Funnel Shaped Lead-in

A funnel shaped lead-in for a car's ignition key. An integrated part of the ignition switch, it would guide the key directly into the keyhole. - R.D.Remy, Rochester, Ind.

funneled car ignition

Triggered Pump Oilers

Triggered pump oilers in the handles of die stocks and tap wrenches, and an oil exit at the cutting point. No more stops to apply oil. - A.R.Tanner Jr., Poughkeepsie, New York.

triggered pump oiler

Childproof Sink Cabinets

Childproof sink cabinets you'd open with a push button or lever on the top. This would keep toddlers from reaching harmful cleaning chemicals. - Mrs. M.Koslover, Reading, Mass.

childproof sink cabinet

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