New Product Ideas From May 1960

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the new product ideas from May 1960 page. On this page are a list of ideas for new products that were put forward by people back in 1960.

Perhaps there is something here that sparks your imagination? Maybe you too can come up with a fantastic, new idea for a product. If so, and if it's something that you would like to share with the rest of the world then please do so by visiting my creative ideas page where you will find a form for submitting your creative ideas.

Please note that as these ideas were from 1960 some of them may now be in common use today or simply irrelevant due to them being related to an old fashioned product or concept.

A Weight Gauge On Fishing Rods

A weight gauge on fishing rods. You'd sight past it to the end of the rod, and the rod's bend would indicate the weight of a fish. - George Williams, Portolla Valley, California.

weight gauge on a fishing rod

Disposable Paintbrushes

Disposable paintbrushes. You'd buy long strips of bristles, cut of a piece as needed, and slip it into one of a set of various size holders. - Joseph A. Slais, Riverside, Ill.

disposable paint brushes

Ratchets In The Wheels Of Power Mowers

Ratchets in the wheels of rotary power mowers to prevent them from rolling backward on slopes. A lever on the handle would release the brake. - Roger Race, Saukville, Wis.

ratchets in the wheels of power mowers

A Car Door Bottle Opener

A bottle opener built into the doorpost of cars. All you need is an opening of the proper shape, and it would save a lot of frustration. - M. Berger, University City, Mo.

a car door bottle opener

Washable Paper Money

Washable paper money. If coated with plastic, bills could be given a sudsy bath as needed and there'd be no more "filthy lucre" carrying germs. - Jonas Martin, San Francisco.

This idea for polymer bank notes is now a reality in many countries.

washable paper money

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