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By Martin Gilliard

A very warm welcome to the new product ideas from history page. On this page there are a number of links to through to ideas for new products that were submitted by people back in December 1963 and earlier.

Due to the age of these ideas some are now irrelevant or are related to products that no longer exist however there are many that are still relevant today and even some that you will notice have been made into manufactured products that are in every day use.

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I've left all of the ideas in as many a great simply from an inspiration perspective.

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New Product Ideas and Inventions From 1963...

May 1963: Get rid of those nasty bugs while making your phone calls from a public phone booth.

April 1963: Want to know when your aerosol cans are nearing empty? Then how about this idea for a transparent aerosol can!

March 1963: Including an idea for frozen packed dinners that you can heat directly from the power outlet in your car.

February 1963: Clear icy walk ways with an oil fired flame thrower!

January 1963: Including an idea for a spray can with a weighted flexible tube to ensure you can use all of the contents.

New Product Ideas And Inventions From 1962...

December 1962: Was this the first time an idea for an appliance timer cut off switch was put forward?

November 1962: Including an idea for a futuristic bed which acts like a baby incubator to keep your body at the perfect temperature for sleeping!

October 1962: With an idea for a collapsible lamp shade. 

September 1962: With possibly one of the first adjustable tables. Ensuring a level surface on the bumpiest of surfaces!

August 1962: Ever struggled applying butter with a knife to your recently grilled corn on the cob? Then perhaps you need this idea for a roll on butter applicator.

July 1962: Ever wanted to drag your shopping along the beach? Well now you can with this idea for a sand runner. I don't think it ever caught on!

June 1962: Including and idea for a geared screwdriver to assist with those difficult to budge screws.

May 1962: With possibly one of the first ever vehicle navigation systems using microfilm. 

April 1962: Keep those muddy paw prints off of your cream carpet with this idea for disposable paper dog boots.

March 1962: No more issues with tearing off sheets of aluminium foil with this idea for pre-cut sheets in small, medium and large sizes.

February 1962: There would be no need to clean your bedding with this ideas for paper sheets!

January 1962: This idea for sandpaper shoe soles might prevent you from slipping on the ice.

New Product Ideas And Inventions From 1961...

December 1961: No more runaway shopping carts with this idea for one fitted with brakes.

November 1961: Spreading peanut butter would be much easier with this idea to pack it into a tube that you could squeeze out like toothpaste.

October 1961: Flipping mattresses would be a doddle with this idea for a mattress flipper.

September 1961: You would soon know when your power mower was nearing empty with this idea for a transparent fuel tank.

August 1961: Was this the first ever idea for a nail gun?

July 1961: You might not get confused about which way to turn in busy city centers with this idea for colored markings on the roads.

June 1961: With an idea to replace a standard door bell with a footplate bell which might prevent oily fingers from making a mess.

May 1961: Including an idea for adjustable lunch counter stools which would make for comfortable seating for both large and thin folk.

April 1961: With an idea for expansion joints on railway tracks.

March 1961: Catch a bank robber in action with this idea for a push button trap door.

February 1961: With possibly the first ever idea for a rechargeable drill!

January 1961: It would be easy to remove splinters with this splinter removal kit.

New Product Ideas And Inventions From 1960...

December 1960: Including an idea for zip-up, easy to get on and off ice skates. No more struggling with laces and cold hands!

November 1960: With a great idea for a rifle that locks. Might prevent unauthorised users from firing the weapon.

October 1960: Your thermos flask is less likely to roll on to the floor and smash with this idea for a hard rubber girdle.

September 1960: Including an idea for fishing line with color changes every foot. This would enable the fisherman to estimate how much line had been reeled out.

August 1960: With a great idea for putting a bottle opener where the  bottles are kept - in the fridge!

July 1960: Don't waste garden space. Put your outdoor pool on top of your house!

June 1960: An idea for a pull out sun visor to shield the light from a middle passenger.

May 1960: An idea for a fishing rod that doubles up as weighing scales.

April 1960: Never be without a tape measure with this idea for one on the back of your belt. Just make sure your pants don't fall down when you're measuring!

March 1960: Including an idea for individual paste pots for kids, which would eliminate sticky jars and dried out paste.

February 1960: Easily fine sand small objects with this idea for abrasive gloves.

January 1960: With an idea for a disposable toothbrush that simply slips onto the end of a finger.

New Product Ideas And Inventions From 1959...

December 1959: Including an idea for a two setting car thermostat. 

November 1959: With an idea for more storage space in cars.

October 1959: An idea for shoelaces that stay tied - I just wonder how easy it will be to get your shoes back off!

September 1959: Make your cookies last longer by disguising them as a box of pasta!

August 1959: Was this an idea for the first ever electric toothbrush?

July 1959: With a mower that does far more than simply cut the grass.

June 1959: Including a great idea if you've ever wanted to get ice into a pop bottle!

May 1959: With an idea for a knapsack that opens out flat to help you find things.

April 1959: Including a great idea for those of us who have experienced picking up a toolbox with all the tools off-center.

March 1959: Know when your lawn mower is nearing empty with this idea for a transparent gas tank.

February 1959: Easily transplant your growing plants with an idea for a take apart plant pot.

January 1959: Including a great idea for using all of that wasted space under your car seats!

New Product Ideas And Inventions From 1958...

December 1958: With an idea for cordless Christmas tree bulbs.

November 1958: Lost while hunting? Then simply use these flare type shotgun shells!

October 1958: Do you find that you're always crashing your car into road signs? Then perhaps you need this idea for flexible signposts!

September 1958: Get a clean shave in the darkest of bathrooms with this idea for an electric shaver that lights up!

August 1958: Can't hear your car radio then simply drive faster with this idea for a speedometer governed volume control!

July 1958: Are you always tripping over your croquet wickets on your lawn? Then you need this idea for clear white, easy to spot croquet wickets!

June 1958: Need some additional seating? Then how about this idea for inflatable furniture. Perhaps wise not to smoke though or use on a windy day!

May 1958: Get your rear-view mirror just how you like it by twisting a dial.

April 1958: Too many fur coats and not enough storage space? Then perhaps you need this food freezer! 

February 1958: See all around your car for trouble spots with this idea for a pull out dome light.

January 1958: This idea for work gloves with transparent cuffs enables you to easily tell the time from your wrist watch.

New Product Ideas And Inventions From 1957...

December 1957: Ever had your car stuck on ice? You wouldn't be stuck for long with this ice melting car!

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