Play Doh Creativity Center

By Martin Gilliard

The play doh creativity center usually retails for between $30 and $40 and is geared for children aged three years and upwards.

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Play-doh was first introduced in 1956 and is a non-toxic, putty like substance that contains wheat and that kids can use to mold into shapes.

play doh creativity center

A sample of what's contained inside

The set includes an activity table and a number of accessories including various molds, cutting tools and extruders.

There are 26 molds that the kids can use to make play-doh creations and it comes complete with five 2 ounce cans of play-dog and five 3 ounce cans.

The kit also includes a number of storage compartments where the play-doh and tools can be stored away. Clean up is made more fun through the provision of a play-doh pick up stick.

play doh creativity center box

The box that the kit comes in

This product is designed to enable kids to use their imagination to build and create new play-doh models. To assist this process the kit comes with an activity mat that displays pictures which encourage the kids to create their own jungle, make faces, meals and to create a party scene.

The whole kit is designed to encourage creative play and the product has in fact won awards from Family Fun magazine and the Creative Child Magazine.

While the set is fun for kids if your budget is tight you will find that your kids can be just as creative using some wooden / plastic utensils, plates and bowls that you can find in your kitchen or alternatively read my creativity for kids page and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find a number of ideas for creative games you can play with kids. Plus a section where you can contribute your own creative games / ideas for kids.

UK readers can purchase the creativity centre from by Clicking Here

Unfortunately, for US readers at the time of writing this page I could only find a pink version of the creativity center available on which might be great if you're purchasing for girls but perhaps not so great for boys! It was also quite expensive however if you're still interested then the pink version can be found by Clicking Here. As an alternative you may want to consider the Play-Doh: Fun Factory Deluxe Set.

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