Rock And Roll While You Stroll

Tone arm (arrow), held in position by a spring, plays records from underneath.
Twelve disks can be carried along in a storage well at the back of the unit.
Radio dial, pushbutton controls, and speaker face up when the unit is carried.

May 1963…

Rock and roll while you stroll with this new battery-powered radio-phonograph which will play 45-r.p.m. records while being carried. It will even play when turned upside down.

Both radio and record player operate on a single battery of four D-size flashlight cells.

Records are held on a freely turning spindle with spring clips. A rubber wheel in contact with the record rim turns the disk.

The motor is transistor-regulated to save battery energy. A plastic lid snaps in place in front to enclose and protect the machinery while it is operating.

Play is semi-automatic – you put the record on the spindle and push a button. The tone arm comes down automatically and also returns to the starting position when the record is finished.

The “Swing-Along” was marketed by Channel Master and was priced at $79.95

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Nov 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

My Dad bought me one of these for my birthday when I was a teen back in the 60's. I thought it was a blast!

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