Solid Gasoline

This idea for solid gasoline came out in the early 1960’s. Southwest Research institute from San Antonio, Texas were experimenting with the development of a satisfactory method of solidifying gasoline.

They created gasoline in a kind of brick form. The bricks stacked in the background of the picture are made of a sponge-like material that holds the gasoline in microscopic leak-proof cavities.

Gasoline is mixed with water and two plastic-like chemicals. These chemicals break up the gas molecules and evenly disperse them.

The result is a sticky mixture which can be dried in molds to remove the water. This results in bricks that hold the tiny droplets of gasoline.

The bricks can be formed into practically any shape imaginable. Once created they can also be sliced into this pieces with a sharp knife.

The bricks are made up of approximately ninety-six percent gasoline and are much safer to store and handle than liquid gasoline.

One of the reasons the bricks are safer is that they give off no volatile fumes so are much less likely to explode or burn.

One of the ideas put forward for using gasoline in brick form was for air dropping fuel supplies to troops out in the field. The cushion-like bricks would be much safer to drop than large tanks or cans.

Other ideas include using the solid gasoline as fire lighter’s for your barbeque or for making emergency flares which could be floated on water due to the buoyant nature of the bricks.

It was thought that the flares could be created with a chemical that ignites automatically on contact with water however in modern times you would have to question how safe such a device would be!

Liquid gasoline can be recovered by squeezing the bricks and therefore back in the day it was also suggested that gasoline stored in this form could be used as a means for keeping additional fuel reserves in your car’s trunk – however again I would question the safety of such an idea in the modern world of today.

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