The Alphabet Game

by Martin

(Photo Credit schnaars)

(Photo Credit schnaars)

The alphabet game is popular game with many kids. It requires two or more players. Someone picks a theme such as famous celebrities or countries and then each player takes turns in naming something of that theme that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

So for example if the theme is animals the first player might say antelope for the letter A, then the next player might say bear for the letter B and then the next player could say cat for the letter C, and so on.

Play continues until a player cannot think of a theme related word that starts with the letter assigned to them.

A variation on this game is where each player takes turns in naming some item, object, person or thing within sight of all the players and that begins with the stated letter. So you start with the letter A and each player names something that begins with ‘A’ that they can see.

Each player takes turns at naming and scores one point for each item that they name beginning with a letter ‘A’. When a player can no longer name something beginning with the letter ‘A’, the turn moves to the next player who must attempt to name an item beginning with a letter ‘B’.

Play continues until you have gone through the entire alphabet.

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