Tiny TV Powered By Internal Batteries

by Hubert Luckett

Tiny TV Powered By Internal Batteries

Tiny TV Powered By Internal Batteries

Tiny TV Powered By Internal Batteries
Picture Tube Is Only 6 Inches Long

December 1963…

You have to see this transistorized pygmy portable TV to believe it. It's only four inches wide, five inches high, nine inches long, and weighs 7½ pounds. The batteries to operate it are inside the package. There are no dangling cords or separate battery packs.

Astonishingly bright, crisp pictures, measuring 4½ inches on the diagonal, are presented on the diminutive screen. There is a full complement of controls plus an expander switch that will enlarge the image you see. With the set, you get a combination battery charger-AC adapter for re-charging the batteries or operating the set directly from the power line. There is also an optional adapter you can plug into your car cigarette-lighter socket to operate the set from your 12-volt car battery.

During city use, I got an excellent picture using the built-in, 13-section telescoping antenna. The sound was clear and distinct with either the built-in speaker or the plug-in earphone. The weak signal sensitivity, of course, is no match for a good full-size set. As I moved away from the transmitter, I found that about 25 miles was the maximum distance at which I could get an acceptable picture on the set's own antenna. By plugging in an external antenna, however, I got good reception at that distance. The batteries lasted roughly about eight hours on one charge.

The Delmonico 4T-EOZ is sold by Delmonico International, Maspeth, N. Y. Price is about $150.

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