by Alexey Spichak
(Uralsk Kazakhstan)

(Photo Credit: Peter Barker)

(Photo Credit: Peter Barker)

Almost all industries require reliable mechanisms with stepless change of transfer functions.

The creation of such mechanical device, which is independent, depending on the moment of resistance at the exit, changes its transmission ratio within( 1 ≤ I ≤ ∞, сapacity transfer isn't limited) resolves many problems of machine industry and can lead to the results bringing the equipment to a new, higher level of development.

The idea of such mechanism exists for a long time. In the engineering literature it is commonly called Transformer of Torque (TT). TT is not an inertial.

TT allows implementing the basic principle of dynamics: “Winning in force, losing in speed; winning in speed, losing in force”, and it is considered as cybernetic system. In the long term it is a mechanical HOMEOSTAT, the device exercising control in conditions of initial uncertainty, on the basis of the current information on the varying parameter. The device allows you to adapt the state mechanism to the entropy of the environment.

Using this mechanism especially in the transport machines would give them new qualities reliability, durability, reduced wear, reduced power and fuel consumption while maintaining performance, reduction of dynamic impact on the transmission, deletion and controlled safety clutches of machine design ... all of this will bring the car to the ideal, which is known to exist only in theory or, as the goal.

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