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Alexander Graham Bell Inventions

There are many Alexander Graham Bell Inventions apart from the telephone that made him famous and wealthy. In fact, Bell had eighteen patents listed against his name and a further twelve that he shared with others.

The Telephone

Bell invented the telephone when he was in his late twenties back in 1875, a device that would transform communication by enabling people to transmit their voices thousands of miles.

This invention made him one of the most famous inventors of all time. Bell made the first telephone call across the United States in January of 1915. However, let’s not forget the many other Alexander Graham Bell Inventions…

Farming Device

At the age of twelve Bell built his first-ever invention, a device that used rotating paddles along with metal brushes to dehusking wheat, a process that prior to this invention was extremely laborious.


Prior to the invention of the telephone, Bell invented a “phonautograph” which was the pen-like machine that drew sound waves on to smoked glass by tracing their vibrations. It was this invention that led Bell to believe that there might be a possibility that sound waves could be transmitted by electricity in the form of undulating electrical currents and then these sound waves could potentially be turned back into sound via metal reeds tuned to different frequencies similar to a harp.

Vacuum Jacket

Often important events in Alexander Bell’s life would trigger his inventiveness. For example in 1881 his wife Mabel gave birth to a baby boy that died within a few hours due to breathing difficulties. Immediately after this event, Bell invented a vacuum jacket that forced air in to and out of the lungs. The device was perfected many years later and ultimately saved many lives.

Electric Probe

Bell also was the inventor of an electric probe that could be used to help doctors locate pieces of metal inside human bodies. This invention was triggered by Doctors being unable to find bullets in the body of President James A Garfield. The President died but the probe was still put into useful effect, saving many lives over the following years prior to the invention of the X-ray.

Air Conditioning

Bell even experimented with an early air conditioning invention. In his family home, he had fans which would blow currents of air over large blocks of ice.

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