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Daylight Savings Time Inventor

A warm welcome to the daylight savings time inventor page. Most people know that the Mayans were responsible for creating time and the calendar that we use today, but few know about the origins of daylight savings time.

If you have ever noticed that the sun stays out longer in the summertime and seems to go away a whole lot sooner in the wintertime you will not be surprised to know that someone thought about saving the daylight by changing the times, ever so slightly, to allow for more of your winter and summer days in the sun rather than in the dark, but few can decide on who is the daylight savings time inventor.  


Image by exoteric from Pixabay

There are some historians that will argue that Benjamin Franklin was, in fact, the first person that suggested daylight savings time, but he said in a type of joking way never really thinking that someday it would really come to be. Benjamin Franklin was a man that invented many things and very few people are really willing to give him the credit for thinking of daylight savings time.

Instead, experts believe a man named George Vernon Hudson was the biologist that made daylight savings come to be. 

Like with all big ideas George Vernon Hudson was openly mocked for his idea of daylight savings time in 1895, but would still be alive when many countries would adopt the practice.

Today 70 countries have adapted the idea of daylight savings time all just to save a little bit of the daylight. 

Daylight savings time comes twice a year; once in the spring and then again in the fall.

Many people have come up with cute sayings to remember what way they are supposed to set their clocks. One of these sayings is fall back and spring forward. This means in the fall we set the clocks back by one hour and in the spring we set the clocks forward one hour. It is for this reason many people prefer the daylight savings time in the fall because they get to gain an hour of sleep.

The dates to change your clocks will change every year, but daylight savings time will always be on a Sunday. All you will need to do is pay attention to the newspaper or the news to find out when to change your clocks that year.

Lucky for us technology is more advanced than it was in 1895 and many of the clocks and cell phones will change the time for you.

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