Company Innovation

When it comes to company innovation the big innovative companies that spring to mind include…


Probably the king of innovation at the moment, not only do they create fantastic new products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad but they have also made fantastic innovations in terms of their iTunes software that creates a novel and innovative way to purchase music legally, online from the music companies.

They’re also very innovative with their branding – most Apple products have a cool image and incorporate intuitive, easy to use interfaces. Click here for more information on Apple innovation.


Makers of the ever so popular Blackberry – which is still a big hit with large corporations due to its highly secure, highly effective, highly reliable methods for accessing email.


Who recognizes all employees with more than 10 patents into its “club 10” ceremony.

General Electric:

Who now evaluate employees on growth traits which include innovation-oriented themes and risk evaluation skills.

Southwest Airlines:

Who are big leaders in process innovation?

Procter & Gamble:

A highly innovative company that has more recently made news by transforming its traditional research and development efforts into a more open innovation approach where it is now incorporating the collective knowledge of the outside world as initiators to their new innovation projects. They now employ people to scout for ideas in a similar fashion to scouts who look for potential in future sporting athletes.


Regarded by many as an extremely innovative company and responsible for such popular innovations as Scotch Guard and the ‘post-it note’. 3M award grants to successful scientists and researchers who propose innovative projects. Click here for more information on 3M innovation.

And finally, an article about company innovation would not be complete without mentioning…


Who are probably most famous for their search and advertising innovations. They demonstrate their latest and greatest ideas to people via their Google labs site and have set out to digitize books, maps, streets.

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