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The Creative Personality

The Creative personality:

  • Sees new ways of doing things by making unusual connections that other people may miss.
  • Takes nothing for granted, challenge assumptions and take intelligent risks.
  • Doesn’t believe that just because something has been done a certain way for years it must continue to be done that way.

creative personality
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  • Asks many questions that challenge the status quo.
  • Has bundles of energy that enables them to concentrate on the task in hand for many hours.
  • Considers new opportunities and ideas by thinking beyond standard assumptions.
  • Has a strong imagination which is used to visualise new creations.
  • Is both passionate and objective about the subject domain for which they are applying their creative talent. The passion drives the motivation to continue on and the objectivity adds credibility to the work.
  • Looks for ways to turn failures into successes.
  • Is only limited by the limits of her imagination.
  • Sees the world from a unique perspective.
  • Is aware that ideas must be appropriate and ultimately add value.
  • Always looks for opportunities to learn new things.
  • Follows gut feelings and intuition.
  • Generates large numbers of ideas and answers to problems and questions. 
  • Free themselves from established norms, standards, rules, practices and expectations.
  • Are comfortable with new and complex and unresolved situations.
  • Isn’t quick to judge others creative ideas.


The Creative Personality Comes From Persistence and Practice

It is something that everyone can do and usually just takes a lot of persistence and practice.

To get better you should immerse yourself in at least one creative effort each and every day and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should start making models or get your paintbrush out of the cupboard.

For a starter, you could just try varying the routine on a typical day. Try something different for breakfast, take a different route to work, college or school. If you like cooking then add some new ingredients to your favorite recipe or simply try cooking something new that you haven’t tried before.

If you play sport – what can you do to vary your game? If you’re a tennis player for example and you’re typically weak at say a drop shot then force yourself to play a minimum number of drops shots in your next friendly match.

Pushing yourself to do things that you have never done before provides you with new experiences. New experiences, in turn, provide more opportunities for association i.e. what would happen if I combined this with that? Many creative ideas are a result of an association.

Thanks to the Internet it is also very easy these days to learn new skills or start new hobbies – use social media platforms such as Twitter to reach out to new people with skills or interests that you would like to know more about – ask lots of questions.

If you can find out what annoys people, what they are always complaining about then you have a good starting point for a creative idea.

Find a creative solution to resolve that individual’s frustrations.

If you want to enhance your creative personality then start putting the effort in today – creativity is mainly about putting the hours in and just trying something new.

For more ideas to improve your creativity check out the creative techniques page.

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