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Creativity Symbol

A popular creativity symbol is the fountain symbol that supposedly represents creative energy flowing upwards from a source…

The Fountain Creativity Symbol

The Fountain Symbol


This creative flow of energy is supposed to be refreshing and uplifting to counteract the effects of a long hard week where you have given everything both physically and emotionally and you feel completely depleted. It represents a new flow of creative energy or an idea flowing from within.


The Spiders Web

Another popular symbol for creativity is the \”spider\’s web\” or Ananse Ntontan symbol… 

Spider\’s Web or Ananse Ntontan symbol


This is a symbol of creativity and complexity and comes from Anansi which is pronounced \”Ah-nahn-see\” – a well-known spider character in West African and Caribbean folklore tales.

The character is sometimes referred to by other names: \”Kwaku\”, \”Ananse\” and \”Anancy\” and while the character is a spider he can often appear as a man.

In other cultures, this symbol is associated as a kind of wheel of fortune representing how you should make the most out of life\’s ups and downs or positive/negative experiences.

It\’s about taking hold of opportunities when they represent themselves to you.

When times are bad the wheel will turn once more and bring new hopefully more positive experiences.


Chinese Symbol For Creativity

The symbol for creativity in Chinese is: 


Chinese Symbol For Creativity

Light Bulb Storm Symbol For Creativity

While attempting to find info on creativity symbols I found this Shutterstock image that someone has cleverly created. You have to purchase Shutterstock images and this site barely manages to fund its own hosting costs so I\’ve not included it here, but you can take a peek at it by clicking on the following link… Creativity Symbol: Bulbs Shaped as Water

Other Pretty Cool Creativity Graphics And Symbols

Bright Bulb On Black


A bright light bulb on a black background.

Standing Out From The Crowd


Thinking out of the box! Standing out! Being different!

The Connection Of Two Ideas Or Concepts



Creativity is often about the connection between two different or already existing ideas in order to formulate something new. I think this link image would be a good representation of this connection idea.

Bulb And Chalkboard



Or how about this. A light bulb next to a chalkboard representing the means to record your latest Aha moment.

Beaded Colour Pencils


Painted Girl

I simply love this picture…


Concluding Thoughts

Throughout my research, I have not been able to find any documented evidence that an actual symbol for creativity exists.

If you really want a symbol to represent creativity I would suggest that you get your creative juices flowing and design your own.

I quite like these that I found through a few simple searches on the Internet.



(Photo Credit: Artworks Creative Communities)

You never know, your symbol may become the definitive symbol for creativity in the future – Good luck!

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