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Creative Place

To be at your most creative your creative place needs to be conducive to creativity. 

Think of your own workplace or workshop is it well set out to enable your creative abilities? Many office spaces – particularly in businesses and non-profit organisations are not well suited to creativity.

To maximise your creativity at work, make sure that your workspace is:

  • Painted in colors that inspire creativity. The core colors that are said to inspire creativity are orange and yellow. But that said colours are very personal and you may find that others make you feel in more of a creative mood.
  • Enables you to listen to music. Music can often inspire creativity. However, if you share your workspace with others then you may want to invest in a pair of headphones.


  • Make sure the lighting is right. Can you effectively see what you are working on without any glare? No flickering lights either save those for the disco! Moveable lights are often ideal as they enable you to direct light to exactly where you require it.


  • Free as practically possible from distractions. If the television is on in the corner of your workplace then you are likely to get very little work done regardless of being creative!
  • Have a living plant nearby


  • Make sure you are not going to be disturbed. Block your calendar out for times when you want to focus on being creative and if you have an office then close the door during your allocated creative time and request that people don’t disturb you.
  • Not cluttered. Clutter acts as a distraction you need to be able to focus intently on your task at hand.


  • Comfortable. Ergonomics (the study of efficiency in working environments) can be extremely important – is your chair comfortable and at set at the right height so that your feet can sit firmly on the floor while your eye level is appropriate for the monitor you are looking at or the item that you are currently working on.
  • Motivating. Post some inspirational or motivational quotes or posters on the walls of your workspace.
  • Has a journal or electronic notepad at hand so you can record your notes, thoughts, and ideas as soon as they pop into your mind.
  • Organised for the work that you do most often. Consider your typical working day, what tools or equipment do you use most often, what least often? Make sure the tools and equipment that you use most often are easily reachable from where you are usually sat or stood.

If your creative place is just as you need it for enhancing your creative abilities and your creative juices are still not flowing then take your mind off of things by going for a walk or by sitting and relaxing with your favourite hot drink.

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