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Free Revenge Ideas

Welcome to the free revenge ideas page

Please be warned that revenge can be a dangerous game to play. It is often best if you can simply avoid it altogether.

But that said, a little revenge can often make you feel much better – the trick is not to take it too far and once you have gotten even to quickly get over whatever had upset you and get back on with your life.

free revenge ideas


  1. Maybe someone did you wrong and you now want to make them suffer so that you can have a laugh about it.
  2. You think the person with whom you’re having a problem has wronged you, and it’s time to bring the bad apple back to the orchard. 
  3. Someone has offended you in a way that is too extreme to overlook. This can include being disrespectful, lying, or cheating. When this person comes into your view, you are determined to do something to make her or him pay.


The best revenge plots tend to spring out of your own imagination. If someone has upset you then there’s usually a revenge idea simmering somewhere in your mind. 
When you are plotting, there’s a lot of emotion and emotion usually translates into passion, which can turn into action. So when you are planning a revenge plot, remember that passion can inspire you to do things you may not have thought about before.
However, just in case nothing right now is springing to mind then below are some ideas for revenge, some of which have been taken from famous real revenge events.

Please note: these ideas are for information only purposes and we do not support or promote anyone actively using them for revenge. As previously mentioned we believe the best course of action is to avoid any form of revenge.


  • Create a web site or publish a book belittling your target. This was successfully done by con artist Bernie Madoff’s alleged mistress who wrote a book describing Madoff as being particularly small in a certain region of his anatomy. Not only was her tell-tale book a classic, but it was also a clever act of revenge too.
  • Sell your targets prized car or other possession on eBay for a couple of dollars.
  • Put up posters or pay for an advertisement that highlights your targets wrongdoings.
  • Send out fake baby shower invitations
  • By some fresh fish from your local fishmonger and hide it in your targets car or home, try to put it somewhere where they will have trouble finding it.
  • Create a funny video of your target and place it on youtube. Tell all and see if you can get some viral revenge.
  • Make a music mix. Send it to your target as a gift prior to a long road trip. Instead of your targets favourite tracks just have a load of police sirens.
  • Let your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or ex-spouse know exactly how un-special they are by sending them some dead flowers
  • Make a dissolving bikini for your female target!


  • Turn of the hot water in their house.
  • Leave opened chocolate bars near or on the heating vents or radiators.
  • Release a load of ants, cockroaches or other insects into your targets house.
cockroach 70295_640
  • Carefully place pepper, flour or salt on to the top of ceiling fans.
  • Replace bottles of vodka, gin or any other clear spirits with water.


  • Hide raw eggs around your targets house.


  • Hide all of the toilet paper.

toilet paper

  • Place beef or chicken stock cubes in the shower head.
  • Cut the elastic waistbands of your targets underwear.
  • Put itching powder inside your targets underwear.
    boxer shorts

boxer shorts

  • Mix a hair removal product or liquid glue into your targets styling gel.
  • Replace the salt pot with sugar.
  • Add blended dog food to shower gel.

dog food

  • If your girlfriend has dumped you then sneak into her house and tighten the lid on every jar you find in the cupboard.
  • Use super glue to:
    • Leave your targets heating set permanently on high
    • To glue doors so that they are permanently closed
    • Make light bulbs non-removable
    • Keep phones permanently attached to their cradles
    • Glue the toilet seat shut – this can be incredibly useful if you can also get your target to consume some laxatives.
  • Put habanero sauce in their shampoo and body wash bottles. Burn, baby burn.
  • If your partner has cheated on you, offer to take them to an expensive restaurant. Make sure they leave their wallet or purse at home. Tell them the meal is all on you. Order the most expensive things you can on the menu and then let them know you have to visit the restroom (washroom/toilet, etc depending on geographic location). Make a sharp exit without letting them know, leaving them responsible for the meal bill without any means of paying – other than except possibly offering to do the dishes!

And just to reiterate the earlier points in this article… If at all possible your best option is to avoid revenge, try and get over whatever it was and continue with your life as positively as you can. Never give someone else the satisfaction of watching you suffer. Good luck whatever your choice of action.


Do you have a revenge idea or story?
Write about it here!

Do you have a revenge idea or story that you would like to share? If so please write about it here…

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