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Creative Ideas

Welcome to the creative ideas section of the website. The notion of such can be extended to all areas – science, art, business, etc.

creative ideas

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

It is often thought of as a light bulb turning on or that aha moment.

It’s About…

  • breaking from the past and seeing new ways to old problems.
  • pushing beyond routine and trying new approaches.
  • asking why not but also it’s about realizing that usually there is a good reason why not.

From a business perspective it means considering profit and loss and legal and ethical issues.

Often Happens Subconsciously

The subconscious mind can be a key driver towards such aha moments.

Outside of conscious awareness mental activity continues which is why ideas often come to us via daydreams, or after a good night’s sleep. 

There are a number of stages of creativity which provide clarification and structure of the mental and physical states that an individual experiences in the idea creating process.

We’re All Capable

Everyone is capable of creating new ideas and often it is simply the process of taking an existing idea and building upon it.

Dr Robert Epstein a leading researcher on creativity highlights that as individuals we are constantly generating new and novel behaviours.

Each day, we formulate different sentences when we speak, we brush our teeth a slightly different way each morning and we keep having new thoughts and dreams.

This novel behaviour is only labelled creative when it adds some special value to the community.

Ideas often occur by combining two or more elements of knowledge together. If the resulting combination could add value to someone or something then the idea can be labelled an innovation idea. 

Record Your Ideas

It is important to record all of the ideas that you have. Thomas Alva Edison recorded and illustrated every problem he worked on in a notebook.

He used his notebooks to review past experiments in light of any new learning’s and often he would review his notebooks to try and provide new ideas and insight to other projects that he was working on.

Edison would also record observations of the natural environment and he would read others creative ideas, research papers, failed patents and ideas from other fields. 

Seek Out Problems

Keep on the lookout for problems within your workplace. Which problems are your biggest, most urgent? These could also be your biggest opportunities. Get your creative juices flowing and start working on some creative solutions today. For some structured assistance check out creativity techniques.

Go For Quantity

When generating creative ideas go for quantity. Try and generate as many ideas as you possibly can. Don’t worry about stopping to evaluate them, you can do that a later point.

Your Creative Ideas

Below are creative ideas submitted by readers of Have an idea that you’d like to share on this site then please let me know by filling out the creative ideas form further down this page. 

I review all ideas submitted and publish them to the site as soon as I can.

Readers’ creative ideas…

Excellent Creative Ideas From The Past

One great way to assist in getting creative ideas is to read through other people’s ideas. 

Some of the ideas submitted below are ideas that people put forward prior to December 1964, the ideas are no longer covered by US copyright laws which allow me to publish them on this page. Some you will find are no longer relevant due to new and improved technologies. Others, however, are either great ideas that have never been implemented or conversely ones that are now in everyday, regular common use.

There are ideas for hand warming snow blowers, transparent fuel tanks to enable you to see how much gasoline you have left, edible toothpicks and even flame-throwing ice removers, plus many more.

Take a look – you never know they might spark your imagination for an excellent new idea.