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Apple Innovation - A Look At It\'s Most Successful Innovations In Terms Of Revenue

A warm welcome to the apple innovation web page.

When it comes to innovation Apple regularly comes at the top of the list of the most innovative companies.

Simply by taking a look at apple\’s revenue for 2012, you can get a good feel for just how innovative they are…

Number One Apple Innovation the iPhone

In 2012 iPhones were apples strongest performer in terms of revenue, contributing 51% or $80.5B to its revenue stream.


Number Two: The iPad

The second biggest seller was iPads at 21% or $32.4B. iPads are tablet-based devices that enable you to play games, browse the web, read books, or utilize various business based applications, etc.

There are lots of competitors to tablet-based devices and as a result, Apple has recently created an iPad mini – however, you have to question whether this will be enough to stave off the competition.


Number Three: Apple Computers

Then follows apple\’s range of computers at 15% or $23.2B. Their iMac computer products are regarded as being at the forefront of computer design and often incorporate further innovations, for example, the Fusion Drive is a hybrid storage technology that combines a 128GB flash storage drive with a hard drive into a single device. The idea is to provide the user with the speed of a solid-state drive and the longer-term storage caching as found in a typical standard hard drive.



However, it’s not just the hardware that is innovative either it’s the software interfaces too. Apples iTunes counts for 5% or $8.5B of revenue. iTunes allows you to organize your digital library of music, songs, videos, and games, etc.

iTunes was an apple innovation that completely revolutionized the music industry. Not only was it a fantastic radical innovation but it simultaneously linked many of the apple products together too.

iTunes managed to combine ease of use with an effective and easy way for the general population to legally purchase digital products.


iPods contributed for 4% or $5.6B of revenue, I guess a whole page could be written on iPods alone, but for now let\’s just say that has become the MP3 player of choice for most individuals and incremental innovations have greatly improved them over the years – these days iPods come in many different colors and sizes. They were the start of the digital music revolution with the first ones only being able to store approximately one-thousand songs.


The innovative technology for the iPods touch screen technology came from a Canadian still at high school, namely Jonathan Warkentin who apparently got his inspiration while talking with friends at a waterpark while he was stood close to the water slides.


Just to complete our view of apple\’s innovations… other revenue streams such as the Apple TV, for example, accounted for the final 4% or 6.2B.  Apple TV: Plays all the media on your PC or Mac directly on your TV. In fact, links to iTunes and therefore allows you to play or stream wirelessly all of your videos, podcasts, music, and photos.


Apple were pioneers back in the early 1980s of the GUI or graphical user interface. Moving away from command prompts and text to intuitive icons and mouse-based selection – all aspects of design and innovation are considered when it comes to apple products.

Apple seems to constantly churn out new innovative products that people never dreamed that they actually needed.

It is said that if you were in a busy shopping mall and shouted out for all people who own an Apple product to raise their arms then how many people would raise their arms. It’s likely that well over 80% of people questioned will own at least one Apple product.

Many people view Apple products as stylish and cool. One of the key aspects as to why so many people adopt apple products is that not only do they look so good and elegant from their stylish, ergonomic designs, but also they are highly functional, they do what they were intended to do with simplicity for the user.

What’s more is that apple innovations have also spawned hundreds and thousands of apple accessories which many of which are innovations in their own right, and which many also attempt to model their looks on some of apple\’s sleek designs, shapes, and fluid lines.

It is difficult to anticipate what big Apple innovation will be, it is truly a highly innovative company that has had a large impact on many people across the globe.

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