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Bulletin Board Ideas For Easter

Welcome to the bulletin board ideas for Easter page. Well designed and implemented bulletin boards can have a strong impact on children during their elementary years. They need to be able to grab the child’s attention and put across important points and truths quickly and effectively using a minimum amount of words.

When creating your bulletin board it is important to incorporate student participation. All you need is to provide children with an idea and some materials because children love to create.


Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Easter is an important Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection or return-to-life of Jesus Christ. Easter comes from the “Eostre”, an ancient pagan goddess of spring whose festival celebrated the new life of spring which can be symbolized by hares and eggs. Both of which are also said to symbolize fertility and therefore can represent the new life or the renewed life after the death of Jesus Christ.

The above is why in many countries children decorate boiled eggs at Easter or participate in Easter egg hunts in search of eggs hidden by the Easter bunny. Prizes are often awarded to children who find the eggs. Other activities involve rolling decorated eggs down hills, seeing whose can get the furthest without cracking.

You may want to consider the above activities when planning the design of your bulletin board. 

Children enjoy looking for words so create a word-o-gram or word-search; include Easter words such as bunny, chocolate, easter, eggs, basket, hunt, etc. going up, down or diagonally.

Get the children to decorate paper eggs using colored paints, consider using the eggs that they design as the border of the bulletin board or perhaps create an Easter bunny pulling a wagon and place the children’s designs in the Easter Bunnies wagon.

Create a maze with an Easter bunny having to draw a path through the maze to get to the Easter eggs. 

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I’d like this page to also be about your Easter bulletin board ideas and designs. If you have a great idea for an Easter bulletin board or if you have created an Easter bulletin board that you would like to share with the wider community then please submit it below. Please include pictures of your idea or board if possible…

Your Easter Bulletin Board Idea

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