Introducing the Innovative Boulder Camping Coffee Press by COLETTI®

Elevate your camping coffee experience with the revolutionary Boulder by COLETTI®. This coffee press has been designed with a core focus on innovation, this pure stainless steel coffee maker takes camping brewing to new heights.

What sets the Boulder apart is its unique ability to brew up to 10 cups of coffee in a single use, while also serving as a convenient storage container for your brew. No longer will you have to pour your coffee into separate containers. The Boulder simplifies your camping routine by combining brewing and storage all into one sleek and durable package.

boulder coffee in-door

The innovative precision plunger, coupled with an air-tight gasket lid, brings a whole new level of control to your brewing process. It’s design ensures that the coffee beans are fully separated from your brewed coffee, effectively stopping the brewing process. Plus, with its superior heat retention, the Boulder keeps your coffee warm for more than four hours, ensuring you always have a hot and satisfying cup of coffee, no matter where your adventures take you.

It’s crafted entirely from pure stainless steel and the Boulder boasts a robust construction that can withstand the demands of the great outdoors. Its 2mm vacuum-insulated walls and 1mm thick stainless steel create a reliable seal that maintains optimal temperature, providing you with a steaming cup of coffee even in the most rugged environments.

Safety and durability are paramount when camping, the Boulder excels in both. The air-tight gasket lid not only keeps your coffee warm but also prevents spills, making it perfect for brewing on hikes or at your favorite campgrounds. Its heavy gauge stainless steel protects your coffee from bumps and dings, ensuring a worry-free journey.

boulder outdoor

COLETTI, the brand behind the Boulder, is a small business based in California, driven by a passion for camping and coffee. With a commitment to quality, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their coffee makers, providing you with peace of mind and a product that will stand the test of time.

Don’t settle for cold coffee while camping. Experience the innovation of the Boulder Camping Coffee Press. Its large capacity, storage convenience, and unparalleled durability make it an essential addition to any camp kitchen or the centerpiece of a remarkable campsite coffee bar.

  • KEEP YOUR COFFEE HOT: This insulated Camping French Press ensures your coffee stays hot, so you never have to settle for cold brews.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Built to last with AISI 304 stainless steel, the Boulder comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, using the same industry-standard material used for building construction.
  • ENOUGH TO SHARE: With its 10-cup (42 oz.) capacity, the Boulder is the only coffee press on the market that allows you to enjoy ample servings. No more sharing from small presses while camping.
  • VETERAN-OWNED & OPERATED: COLETTI is a veteran-owned business that supports charitable causes and champions freedom worldwide. When you choose the Boulder, you support a worthy cause.
  • USE FOR COLD BREW: Enjoy the versatility of the Boulder as a French Press Cold Brew maker. Just add coffee and cold water, let it steep, and serve over ice for a refreshing campsite treat.


  • Can Store Coffee Unlike Other French Presses
  • Air-Tight Gasket Helps Prevent Spills and Keeps Coffee Warm
  • 2mm Vacuum Insulated Walls
  • 1mm Thick Stainless Steel Walls
  • All Stainless Steel Internal Components
  • Large Capacity, Brews 10 cups (42 oz.)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Experience the innovative features and exceptional performance of the Boulder Camping Coffee Press. Start your day with a perfect cup of campsite coffee and embark on unforgettable adventures with COLETTI by your side.

Get $10 OFF this Large Stainless Steel Camping French Press by COLETTI®. The air-tight gasket and precise press mechanism allow this camping press to fully stop the brewing process. So you don’t have to immediately pour out your coffee like other French presses. Just press the plunger, seal the gasket, and store your hot coffee for later. 

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