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How To Build A More Creative and Innovative Business

Building a more creative and innovative business takes time and patience. Not all businesses can innovate like the largest tech companies in the world. By having a creative team and a business that fosters creativity, you can promote innovation from the inside out. 


Luckily, there are ways for businesses to become more innovative and creative. Here’s how:

Tackle HR

Innovation isn’t just about technology in the workplace. While products can be innovative, so can ideas. Look at your current HR strategy and see if there are ways for you to recruit and retain employees better. For example, you can offer unique benefits such as pet insurance or a childcare credit that allows busy parents and pet parents to focus on work without worrying about what’s going on at home. 

Do Team-building


The most innovative companies do team-building activities that inspire better collaboration and fun in the workplace, allowing employees to be more creative and productive. Start slow. Do a few team-building exercises in the office; then, when everyone is on board, you can graduate to team-building activities outside of the office. You can even hire a professional company to help you find the best team-building activities. 

Take Time Away from the Computer

While computers are an integral part of your business, consider having your employees spend time away from the computer so they can brainstorm as a team. Technology may be helpful and help you be more creative, but it can also hinder your creativity by providing you with tons of distractions and the ability to multitask. If you want your employees to think more creatively or solve complex problems, then set aside time for them to work without their computers. 

Promote a Calm Office

Nobody can think creatively when they’re under a lot of stress. Calmness promotes creativity. By having a calm office that avoids outbursts or yelling, or other stressors, you can allow your employees to become more creative. While no office environment is without at least a little bit of stress, try to find ways to help employees manage their stress so they can be creative and help you solve complex business problems. 

Give Employees Freedom

Your business depends on its employees, so if you want a creative and innovative business, you need creative and innovative people. Instead of putting your employees on strict deadlines constantly or forcing them to do things one day, consider giving them freedom and the ability to handle solutions in their ways. 

Freedom may look different from business to business. Some companies may allow their employees a flexible work schedule that allows them to work when they’re feeling most productive, while other businesses allow their employees the opportunity to work at home, a space where they feel more creative. 

Being innovative and creative is about more than just the owner being creative. You need to give everyone in your company the ability to be free to come up with solutions to problems on their own. While you may be used to doing things one way, there might be a better solution out there that one of your employees can find when you give them a looser leash.

Consider New Perspectives

Innovations are about solving challenges. However, many people in an office get stuck in their departments or offices, only focusing on routine tasks throughout the day. Typically, these individuals are excluded from brainstorming discussions. Instead of leaving some employees out because a discussion isn’t about their expertise, consider allowing everyone to chime in with their thoughts. 

You never know when someone from accounting will have a better idea for an ad than someone from your marketing team. Remember, even though someone might not have studied something in school, they might still have a great idea you never considered before. Instead of having one group of the same employees generate ideas for your company, consider rotating employees to different roles when possible so everyone can have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. 

Be the First

If you truly want to be an innovative company, then you need to be among the first of your kind. The good news is you don’t have to invent a new product; you just have to do something that shows your customers you care about investing in the future. For example, many companies are considering cryptocurrency as a payment method, which shows their customers that they’re staying ahead of the curve. Or your company can become experts in security and surveillance systems, to create a safer and more comfortable atmosphere for homeowners and businesses. Whatever the industry, there will always be ways to innovate. 

Kill the Office Hierarchy 

Does the marketing manager’s assistant get him or her coffee every day, and only those in executive-level positions have their own offices? Consider ditching the office hierarchy so everyone feels like they’re an important part of the company. 

Assistants don’t need to bring anyone coffee. They’re there to assist in a job, so make sure they don’t feel like just another cog in the machine. By getting rid of boundaries that stop individuals from contributing to important conversations, you can find new and innovative ideas that help your business grow. 

Use the Right Tools

Being innovative is all about ditching old processes that no longer work and using tools that can help your business succeed. While people are innovators, the software is the facilitator. If you start using new technology, you can learn more about your customers, improve overall office operations, and give your employees more time to brainstorm with one another to collaboratively find new ways to help your business compete in a competitive marketplace. 

All businesses should consider customer relationship management software, analytics software, and collaboration tools to learn more about the people they sell their products to and help their employees collaborate more successfully. 

Innovation and Creativity Go Hand-in-Hand

You can’t have innovation without having creativity. Creativity is the driving force behind all innovation. By allowing your employees to become more creative, you can make your business more innovative. Make sure to listen to your employees. If they have ideas for how you can improve any aspect of your business, listen to them. You never know who can give you the spark you need to make your business more successful. 

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