Audio Visual Innovations

Audio visual innovations are now commonplace in our everyday lives. They are used in city centers and other public locations to advertise products, retail stores to gain our attention or promote products and sports bars to entertain us.

Flat Screen Technology

Flat-screen technology is enabling such products to be installed in more and more places and we are becoming so accustomed to their presence that we are often taking in their messages subconsciously.

audio visual innovations

Live moving images combined with sound provide a greater impact on the observer than does a static image with text and are therefore used extensively by organizations to demonstrate how products are used or to provide additional information on available services.

3D Stereoscopy

Audio visual technology is continuing to advance with 3D stereoscopy (the most widely accepted capture method) displays now becoming readily available.

Stereoscopy enables the capture of multiple views to be collected by having two cameras mounted side by side and separated the same distance apart as the distance between a persons pupils.

One downside of this 3D technology is that the viewer is required to wear specially designed eyeglasses in order to view in 3D and is, therefore, limiting from a marketing to the general public perspective.

A 3D lenticular technology exists that doesn’t require the viewer to wear glasses but this technology is currently expensive.

Audio Visual Innovations Are Re-Inventing Communicating

Audio visual-based innovations are re-inventing communicating for businesses. It’s no longer necessary or cost-effective to get on a plane for a face to face meeting. In fact, audio, visual communications, and collaboration technologies are becoming necessary components of today’s business environment.

Such technologies are no longer restricted to the executive boardrooms either. They are now becoming commonplace as teaching aids in training rooms, they are used as a means of digital signage in reception areas and are used in large auditoriums.

Dramatic advances in audio visual technologies and the fact that they are converging with internet protocols have changed the way individuals in businesses interact. We can share and build presentations on the fly, over vast geographic distances. We can both push and pull data in an instant. The advantages and benefits of these new innovations are undeniable.

Selecting an Audio Visual Company

When choosing a supplier for your audio visual needs you need to ensure that their technical expertise includes… ergonomics, aesthetics, acoustics, practicality and appropriate design to fit into the workplace environment.

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