How To Get Sweet Revenge!

by Amy

I've never done this but it will work.

Step 1.Tell your target to go get food,drinks,ETC. or anything to get them out of the house for a while.

Step 2.After they leave get a bucket and fill it with cold water.

Step 3.Open their bedroom door a crack about 3 inches open.

Step 4.Put the bucket on the crack of the door to where it sits perfectly without stumbling.

Step 5.Tell your target you will be waiting in her/his room and to meet you there.

Step 6.When the target opens the door they will get splashed by the cold water.

Step 7.Make sure you record it.

Step 8.This step is optional post the video on Youtube.

P.S.This revenge works best with hard wood floor.
Make sure to have a PEACE OFFERING!!


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