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  1. martin
    10th April 2020 @ 2:32 pm

    The following answer was originally posted by DLM prior to me moving hosting providers and to WordPress…

    The concept of creativity and Innovation is one that explains itself but to shed light on this, I would say that creativity is when you open up your thinking faculty to the observations of the moment with a resultant effect been IDEAS while innovation is when you set up a plan that drives the ideas towards a realistic fruition cardinal upon your actions with a resultant effect being VALUE BASED CHANGE.

    In simple terms, Creativity is Thinking while Innovation is Acting out the Thinking, maybe the thoughts.

    Innovation is most important in the scheme of advancement being the spin wheel of change however, creativity is the ignition and this kick starts the move towards change. I am DLM. Innovation Rules!

  2. martin
    10th April 2020 @ 2:34 pm

    On the homepage of this site I describe the difference as… “innovation (the ability to make new things actually happen) and creativity (the ability to have original ideas / see a different way of doing something).”

    Please also have a look at the ‘definition of innovation’ and the ‘definition of creativity’ from the main navigation menu.

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